Committee on Finance and Administration

[Bylaws Section 11.036]

The Assistant Treasurer shall serve as the Chair. Members will include the Immediate Past President, Treasurer, Speaker and/or Vice Speaker of the House, Bulletin Editor, and six additional active members of the society appointed by the President who are knowledgeable about finance and administrative affairs.

The President may appoint additional members for a one-year term.


  1. Review the annual budget submitted by the CSA Treasurer; forward the annual budget to the Board of Directors with a recommendation regarding approval.

  2. Review quarterly financial statements and year-end audit results.

  3. Review all contracts of the CSA that are longer than one year and/or obligate the organization to an expense greater than $5,000 per year.

  4. Develop and revise the investment strategy for the CSA consistent with the goals and responsibilities of the society, recommend the strategy to the Board of Directors and oversee the investment activities of the CSA.

  5. Review personnel policies, administrative procedures and any changes to employee benefits; develop and refine employee compensation strategies and benefit packages.

  6. Report to the Executive Committee regarding all financial and administrative matters on a regular basis and whenever any irregularities are identified.

John Hsieh, MD

Charles Anderson, MD
Neal Cohen, MD, MPH, MS
Christine Doyle, MD
Mark Gjolaj, MD
Linda Hertzberg, MD
Kamran Husain, MB, BS
Uday Jain, MD
Wayne Kaufman, MD
R. S. Kriss, MD
Philip Levin, MD
Arthur Levine, MD, MBA
James Moore, MD
Johnathan Pregler, MD
Phillip Richardson, MD, MBA, FASA
Earl Strum, MD
Peter Sybert, MD
Judi Turner, MD, PhD
Dzuy Vu, MD
Paul Yost, MD
Mark Zakowski, MD