Committee on Professional and Public Communication

[Bylaws Section 11.033] Composition A chair appointed by the President, the Editorial Board Chair, the Chair of Electronic Media, a CSA staff liaison, and at least eight other members, three of whom shall be members of the CSA Board of Directors. The President shall attempt to achieve some geographic balance within the membership of this committee. Duties

  1. To develop and maintain effective communication with the membership, with other medical specialties, the media (print, radio, television and electronic), with patients, and with the public to promote the medical specialty of anesthesiology and to educate the public on issues of importance to the CSA.

  2. To establish and maintain effective electronic communications including the CSA electronic mailing list and the CSA website and appropriate linkages as well as other electronic media.

  3. To provide media spokesperson training opportunities to officers, to elected and appointed CSA representatives, and to members, including the maintenance and updating of a media spokesperson list.

  4. To facilitate the communications objectives of the CSA/ASA.

Karen S. Sibert, MD

Scott Pritzlaff, MD
Roya Saffary, MD
Christine A Doyle, MD
Harrison Chow, MD
Emily Methangkool, MD
Philip Levin, MD
Shalini Shah, MD
RR Field, MD
Andrew Kadar, MD
Uday Jain, MD
Rita Agarwal, MD
Calvin Johnson, MD
Linda Hertzberg, MD
James Moore, MD
Nassim Moradi, MD
Paul Yost, MD
Christine Jette, MD
Christine Nguyen-Buckley, MD
Mark Zakowski, MD
Gabriel Sarah, MD
Timothy Walsh, MD