Committee on Resident Representation

[Bylaws Section 11.0321]

District 15 Director and Delegates, CSA President-Elect, and one member appointed by the President. Said appointee shall be a Delegate to both the CSA and ASA, with an interest in Resident and Medical student affairs. The Director of District 15 shall chair this committee.

To facilitate communications between and among the CSA and the residents in Anesthesia training programs in California; and

To enhance the participation of residents in CSA activities.

Jeffrey V. Cashin, MD

Karen Sibert, MD
Jeffrey Lewis, MD
Gail Shibata, MD
Manuel Pardo, MD
Mark Singleton, MD
Nicole Weiss, MD
Robin Seaberg, MD
Henry J. Gonzalez, MD
Christoper Tirce, MD
John G. Brock-Utne, MD
Ying Tian, MD
Lee-lynn Chen, MD
Gerard Dang, MD
Jeffrey Uppington, MD
Keith J. Chamberlin, MD
Zed M. Reagan, MD
Phillip R. Levin, MD
Jennifer E. Engstrom, MD
John Hsieh, MD
Jeffrey M. Rusheen, MD
District 15 Delegates