Legislative and Practice Affairs Division

[Bylaws 16.01]

Seperate Division
The Legislative and Practice Affairs Division shall be a separate division of the California Society of Anesthesiologists.

[Bylaws 16.02]

The Legislative and Practice Affairs Division shall act in the performance of the following functions:

Establish communication with governmental bodies, both legislative and regulatory in the area of regulation of the medical profession, and specifically anesthesiology;
Establish communication with other bodies, health delivery systems and third parties which have or will have a substantial impact upon the professional, medical and/or economic day to day practice of anesthesiology, as allowed by federal and state laws concerning such contacts and communications;
Through dialogue with the above mentioned parties, establish a voice in the formulation of new laws and the development of regulations enforcing both new and existing laws, and also to establish information exchanges and guidance as to the impact of such actions taken by governmental agencies and/or third parties upon the economic and day to day practice of the members of the Society;
Disseminate information to the members of the Society and other anesthesiologists when appropriate concerning the above activities through various publications, educational seminars and meetings, newsletters, bulletins and other forms of communication.

[Bylaws 16.03]

The Legislative and Practice Affairs Division of the California Society of Anesthesiologists shall be composed of a chair, a vice-chair for legislative affairs, a vice-chair for practice management and additional members as the President may appoint, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Chair: Jeffrey Poage, MD

Vice Chairs:
Annie Lee, MD, Legislation
Keith Chamberlin, MD, MBA, Practice Affairs

Edgar Canada, MD
Henry J. Gonzalez, MD
Mark Singleton, MD
Elizabeth "Ela" Cudilo, MD
Ann Cai Shah, MD
Nicole Weiss, MD
Johnathan Pregler, MD
James Moore, MD
Karen Sibert, MD
Norman Levin, MD
Nassim Moradi, MD 
Richard Kelly, MD
Paul Yost, MD
Claudia Moreno, MD
Art Levine, MD
Phillip Richardson, MD 
Annie Lee, MD
Christopher Wijekoon, MD
Christine Jette, MD
Dan Loder, MD
Larry Sullivan, MD
Michele Raney, MD
Govind Rajan, MD
Angela Wang, MD
Neal Cohen, MD
Ken Pauker, MD
Jeffrey Rusheen, MD
Harrison Chow, MD
Emily Methangkool, MD
Ryan Field, MD
Lynn Cintron, MD
Rajesh V. Patel, MD
John Brock-Utne, MD, PhD
Ronald Pearl, MD
Lee-lynn Chen, MD
Linda Hertzberg, MD
Narendra Trivedi, MD
Peter Sybert, MD
Christine Nguyen-Buckley, MD
Bryan Chow, MD
Victoria Fahrenbach, MD