Nominations & Elections

CSA 2017 Election Results

Dear Fellow CSA Members:

I am excited to finally share with you the results of CSA's 2017 election!

Thanks to the leadership and innovation of CSA's Membership Committee, our first online election resulted in a record 30 percent voter turnout, with 485 of 1,600 eligible voters casting their votes.

Please join me in congratulating the CSA's District Directors, Delegates, and Alternate Delegates, who have been elected or re-elected to represent you at the upcoming House of Delegates meeting.

These individuals will serve three-year terms. Each of them has been elected to represent you and advance your interests throughout the year and particularly at CSA's annual governance and business meeting of the House of Delegates, which will take place in Irvine on June 3 and 4. If you have the opportunity, please be sure to contact them individually to offer them congratulations and to let them know how CSA can better serve you, your career, and our shared specialty.

Thank you all for your interest and for your participation in your California Society of Anesthesiologists.

Sincerely yours,
Rima Matevosian, MD
CSA Secretary

And the winners are...

District 1
Delegate: Reema Sanghvi, MD
Delegate: Daniel Lee, MD

District 3
Delegate: Steven M. Haddy, MD
Delegate: Earl Strum, MD

District 4
Delegate: Jeremy Collins, MD
Delegate: Jody Leng, MD
Delegate: Chul-Kyun Park, MD
Delegate: Marianne Chen, MD
Alternate: Roya Saffary, MD
Alternate: Ahmed Zaafran, MD
Alternate: Christine Jette, MD
Alternate: Victoria Fahrenbach, MD
Alternate: Amy Lu, MD

District 6
Delegate: Christina Inglis-Arkell, MD
Delegate: Seema Gandhi, MD
Delegate: Adrian Gelb, MD
Alternate: Wendy Woo, MD
Alternate: Alexandra Anderson, MD
Alternate: David Shimabukuro, MD
Alternate: Thoha Pham, MD

District 7:
Delegate: Mark Carlisle, MD
Delegate: George Liu, MD
Delegate: Phuong Dai Vo, MD
Delegate: Manik Wijesinghe, MD
Alternate: Dennis Fua, MD
Alternate: Divakar Joshi, DO

District 9
Director: Jan Hirsch, MD
Delegate: Peter Sybert, MD
Delegate: Colin Bauer, MD
Delegate: Justin Lee, MD
Delegate: Paul Ulrich, MD
Delegate: Peter Wright, MD
Alternate: Filip Roos, MD

District 10
Director: Zohair Hussain, MD
Delegate: Christopher Miller, MD
Delegate: Zed Reagan, MD

District 11
Director: Antonio Conte, MD, MBA
Delegate: Emily Methangkool, MD
Delegate: Joe Hong, MD
Delegate: Annie Lee, MD
Delegate: Richard Hong, MD
Alternate: Kimberly Howard-Quijano, MD
Alternate: Sumit Singh, MD
Alternate: Irene Wu, MD
Alternate: Sunny Jha, MD

District 12
Director: Jennifer Engstrom, MD
Alternate: Uyen Tran, MD
Alternate: Radhi Dinavahi, MD

District 13
Director: Shalini Shah, MD
Delegate: Anna Harris, MD
Delegate: Vivian Tanaka, MD
Alternate: Corey Nelson, MD
Alternate: Coral Sun, MD
Alternate: Ramin Rahimian, MD