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  • Butler, David, CSA Executive Director
| Aug 31, 2015

Sacramento – On behalf of the team of professionals here at Advocacy and Management Group and KP Public Affairs, please allow me this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to serve you, the members of CSA. 

I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know CSA leaders and members in a variety of settings over the last several weeks—at conferences, board meetings, over the phone and internet, over lunch, and in hospital settings. 

I have been consistently amazed by the talent, intelligence, and dedication demonstrated—by CSA leadership and individual members—in support of your organization and the advancement of the profession of anesthesiology.

Similarly, I am impressed by the talent, energy, and commitment of the team of staff members assembled to support CSA’s organizational, communications, and advocacy objectives.  From many conversations, I understand the decision to transition from in-house staff to contract staff with an association management firm was difficult. Based on my experience and observations, I can assure you all that CSA is receiving tremendous value for its investment.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to provide you with a brief update on the work undertaken by your CSA staff members:
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Melody Correia has been working diligently to update CSA membership files in order to have the most accurate counts and individual membership information possible.  Accurate member data is critical for a variety of reasons, including member services, communications, and accounting.  This database cleanup is especially timely since CSA is working with the ASA to establish a single, unified membership billing process in November, for 2016 and going forward.  You’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks.  In addition, CSA is transitioning to a new website later this fall to provide members with simpler access to information about CSA and items of interest to their practices, as well as an easier way to register for events, pay member dues, and communicate with one another.  You’ll also hear more about this in the coming weeks.


Ryan King and Sarah Spencer were recently joined by Matthew Peralta to support CSA’s internal communications functions, including the website, social media, and publications.  Ryan has served as the staff lead overseeing the development of CSA’s new website in conjunction with the website developer.  Ryan and Sarah teamed up to direct CSA’s successful engagement in the ASAPAC’s annual Day of Contributing event last week.  Matthew, fresh from serving several years as a communications staffer in the California Legislature, will work to edit and publish the weekly CSA blogs, the annual publication, and other written materials.

Lisa Yarbrough and Alison MacLeod with KP Public Affairs head up CSA’s external communications work. The KP team has been actively promoting CSA and its members in the media and with key opinion leaders in order to raise the profile of physician anesthesiologists. They have highlighted the expertise of several CSA members in key publications and continue to position the association as an expert resource on healthcare and anesthesia-related issues. Their public affairs and communications activities have positioned physician anesthesiologists in a positive light, helping to set the stage for CSA’s advocacy efforts planned for next year.


Bryce Docherty and Vanessa Cajina of KP Public Affairs work diligently to advance CSA’s policy objectives in the state Legislature and regulatory agencies, working hand in hand with CSA leaders to cultivate relationships with lawmakers, testify in committees, and shape legislative and regulatory language with key legislative staff and administration officials.  A former staff member with CMA, Bryce has an extremely effective working relationship with a host of advocates representing the broader House of Medicine, all of whom are committed to advancing and defending the medical profession.

Finance and Accounting

Loni Schwabenland manages CSA’s finances and accounting, providing financial reports to CSA leadership, overseeing the annual audit, and managing receipt of revenue and expenditure funds. Loni has quickly and ably transitioned CSA’s finances, accounting systems, and reporting platforms.

Meetings and Events

Rachel Hickerson, Lauren Stoddard and Stacey Siqueiros manage CSA’s event logistics, CME activities, and exhibitor relationships, respectively.  Rachel, Lauren, and Stacey have quickly jumped in to organize and promote CSA’s 2015 Fall Anesthesia Conference in Kauai.  As a result, the November program is quickly approaching sellout, and reservations for exhibitors have doubled our budgeted goal!!  With their experience and team approach, we are confident that CSA’s events and programs will continue to grow and exceed programmatic and financial objectives in the coming years.

Please feel free to contact any member of CSA staff directly for assistance. We are at your service!!

David Butler, Executive Director
Melody Correia, Membership
Ryan King, Communications and IT
Sarah Spencer, Communications, Social Media
Matthew Peralta, Writing and Publications
Lisa Yarbrough, External Communications
Alison MacLeod, External Communications
Bryce Docherty, Advocacy
Vanessa Cajina, Advocacy
Loni Schwabenland, Finance and Accounting
Rachel Hickerson, Events
Lauren Stoddard, CME
Stacey Siqueiros, Exhibitor Relations

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