BOD and Annual Meeting Recap

  • Butler, David, CSA Executive Director
| May 07, 2018

The CSA Board of Directors convened in Palm Desert March 23-25, meeting in conjunction with the CSA Annual Meeting for the first time in many years. The combined meeting was the brainchild of CSA President Elect, Sam Wald, MD, MBA as a way to grow attendance and awareness of the annual meeting and provide the opportunity for networking between CSA leadership and CSA members.

Brock and ShaliniGeneral attendance for the Annual Meeting exceeded expectations and the number of exhibitors topped 50, which far exceeded the goals of program chairs, Shalini Shah, MD, and John Brock-Utne, MD, PhD. The highlight of the Annual Meeting was the presentation of the 2018 Leffingwell Lecture by Stanley Stead, MD, MBA whose topic was “Winter is Coming”: Lessons from Westeros in Dealing with Inevitable Changes in Healthcare.

Membership Research/Recommendations

The CSA Board of Directors and Committees met to review several significant topics, including a presentation by the marketing research firm Association Labs, which the board tasked with undertaking a thorough analysis of CSA members and their top priorities, with a focus on the interests of various segments of members – including young physicians, those in private practice groups, Kaiser Permanente members and academic physicians.

The top concerns expressed by CSA members were both personal and financial:

  • Maintaining work-life balance                                  97%

  • High cost of living                                                       92%

  • Feelings of stress/burnout                                        91%

  • Student loan debt                                                       57%

Advocacy was identified by CSA members as the overwhelming priority for CSA:

  • State lobbying and regulatory advocacy                    51%

  • State political activity, campaign support                   43%

  • Federal lobbying, regulatory activity                           40%

  • Updates on state regulations                                      38%

Under the guidance of CSA President Karen Sibert, MD, and Dr. Wald, the board of directors is developing a strategy to better align CSA’s governance structure to more effectively meet the needs of all members – with a priority on private practice physicians and younger physicians - and to better advance CSA’s advocacy efforts – a clear priority of CSA members, as expressed in the research.

Recommendations will be developed for review and consideration by the board of directors in May and by the House of Delegates in June.

Opioid Legislation

CSA board members also received a presentation from CSA lobbyist Vanessa Cajina of KP Public Affairs on the over two dozen bills introduced in the California legislature seeking to address the opioid crisis.  CSA Leaders, working in conjunction with KP, CMA and the House of Medicine, will engage on a host of bills, seeking to support and oppose as necessary and offer CSA as issue experts when appropriate.

CSA Budget Cycle/Approval Process

To better align with the membership renewal cycle, now that CSA has partnered with the ASA to manage a “unified dues billing” process, the CSA board of directors voted last June to change the organization’s fiscal year from July-June to January-December. As a result, the board of directors in September directed a Budget Task Force, chaired by CSA Assistant Secretary John Hsieh, MD, to prepare a recommendation concerning a revised budget approval process. Dr. Hsieh noted that the task force wanted to ensure the House of Delegates continue to provide final approval to the annual budget. The Budget Task Force recommended and the Board of Directors approved the budget process below:

  • Budget Committee Meets                                                          Summer

  • Board of Directors Reviews and Recommends                      September BOD Meeting

  • House of Delegates Reviews and Approves                            November meeting via web conference

  • Budget implemented                                                                  January 1

GASPAC “Dues Assignment” and Fundraising Event

CSA Secretary Rima Matevosian, MD, reported that as part of the 2018 membership dues renewal process, over $230,000 in member “dues assignments” from 1779 members had been deposited into GASPAC, as of February 28. This amount is 80% of the projected goal of $290,000 and reflects a nearly 400% increase from previous years when CSA employed a membership dues “check-off” on individual invoices.

In an effort to raise additional contributions and reach the GASPAC board of director’sEast bay group goal of $400,000 in annual GASPAC revenue, GASPAC hosted a fundraising reception at the CSA Annual Meeting in Palm Desert, raising over $16,000, which included a $7500 contribution from East Bay Anesthesiology Medical Group. 

GASPAC will host a Contributor Recognition event in conjunction with the House of Delegates meeting in June in San Jose, where individual contributors of $1,000 or more will receive a special gift and practice groups that contribute $6,000 or more will receive special recognition and a plaque. Watch for your invitation in the next few weeks.

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