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  • Sarah, Gabriel, MD
| Dec 10, 2019

Gabriel-Sarah-MDThe CSA's new Foundation for Education is finally open for business after a long wait for IRS approval! The Foundation can now receive individual and group donations (tax-deductible, of course) to support its three primary programs:  high school STEM education, research scholarships for physicians in training, and a new "History of Anesthesia Essay Contest."

The CSA Foundation is committed to advancing the future of anesthesiology by encouraging and enabling promising residents and fellows in California’s academic centers and aspiring health care professionals in California’s public high schools.

Project Lead the Way Partnerships

Since 2017, CSA has been supporting high school STEM education through a PLTW Sam and Felipe partnership with the national non-profit Project Lead The Way, Inc. (PLTW), the nation’s largest provider of high-quality, project based STEM education curriculum.  The CSA Foundation supports the establishment and sustainability of partnerships between departments of anesthesiology at California’s academic medical centers and local public high schools within their immediate service areas. These partnerships will support implementation of the PLTW Biomedical Sciences curriculum.  Partnerships are currently underway at UCLA and Stanford and a third is scheduled for launch in the Spring of 2020 at UC Davis.

Initial financial support from the Foundation will be $5,000/year to each school site to fund teacher training and classroom equipment. Participating residency programs facilitate anesthesia resident volunteer engagement with students enrolled in the biomedical program to spark interest in healthcare careers and provide information about the field of anesthesiology

Research and Quality Awards

Starting in the fall of 2020, the CSA Foundation will fund awards of $5,000 to $10,000 to California residents and/or fellows to conduct research projects designed to improve quality of care and patient safety, emphasizing the principles, evolution, and remarkable history of anesthesiology. Initially, the CSA Foundation hopes to present two or three awards annually, with expansion as funding permits. Working with residency program directors, CSA Foundation board members will identify research topics, establish award criteria, review submissions, and make award decisions. Promising research will be highlighted in CSA’s practice management programs, continuing medical education offerings, online resources, and patient-oriented public communications

History of Anesthesia Essay Contest

The CSA Foundation recently announced establishment of an essay contest conducted by the CSA Committee on the History of Anesthesia for Residents and Fellows each fall with one winner selected to present at CSA’s subsequent Annual Meeting in the spring.  The awardee will be presented with a prize of $1,000 and receive up to $500 in registration and travel costs to attend the annual meeting.  The essays are required to be 1,000 words or less and should address one of the following topics:  history of the submitter’s department of anesthesiology; a notable achievement of a California anesthesiologist; a historic event or theme that involved or affected anesthesiologists in California; or an amplification of a theme from one of the historical documents by Arthur E. Guedel, MD, a California-based pioneer of American anesthesiology.

Support the CSA Foundation for Education

CSA Members and partners are encouraged to support the CSA Foundation with tax deductible donation in one of the following ways:

Private and Academic Practice Groups                                    $2500/year or more

Corporate Contributions                                                               $2500/year or more

Individual Contributions                                                                $250/year

Residents/Fellows                                                                           $25/year

The CSA Foundation Board of Directors is also making plans to host a fundraiser and Donor Recognition Event at CSA’s upcoming House of Delegates Meeting in Oakland, June 6-7, 2020.

To view the CSA Foundation for Education web page, click here

To make a contribution to the CSA Foundation for Education, click here.

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