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COVID-19: bringing out the best in anesthesiologists and looking toward the future

Today, people around the world are thinking about anesthesiologists a lot more, and Time magazine even featured an Italian anesthesiologist in a special report on Heroes of the Frontlines. These recent months battling COVID-19 have been a “once-in-a-lifetime” event for all of us. Our hospitals have all been affected, and thousands of healthcare workers have been infected. Some of us have been deeply affected personally, those who have dealt with the disease themselves and those who have supported family members in quarantine.

Response to the tragic death of George Floyd

The California Society of Anesthesiologists denounces racism, both individual racist actions and systemic racism. The death of George Floyd has caused great pain for communities around the world as well as members of our society.

Comprehensive Evidence-Based Guidelines for Facet Joint Interventions in the Management of Chronic Spinal Pain

CSA, along with 12 other medical societies including ASA, recently signed onto a joint statement requesting CMS to avoid reducing reimbursement for lumbar facet radiofrequency ablation procedures – the “backbone” of many pain practices. Thanks to Dr. Shalini Shah, chair of CSA’s Committee on pain Medicine, for leading this important effort for the CSA.

John Henryism and African American physicians during COVID-19

As an anesthesiologist, you are trained to not only perform but to thrive and act in emergency situations. Four years of residency builds psychological resilience, which is defined as the ability to mentally or emotionally cope or return to pre-crisis status quickly.

Amid Rush to Secure Ventilators, Doctors Warn of Shortage of Crucial Drugs

With federal and state officials rushing to secure ventilators for patients battling COVIID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, doctors and pharmacists are warning that the supply of drugs needed to place patients on those ventilators is also dwindling.