dave2David Butler
Executive Director

MeganMegan MacNee
Deputy Executive Director

deniseDenise King
Accounting Manager 

ryan21Ryan King
Communications and Systems Manager

kate2Katelyn Peyser
Creative Writer and Publications Manager 

Evan WiseEvan Wise
Membership Data Manager

rachel2Rachel Hickerson
Meeting and Education Manager

Julie WallnerJulie Wallner
Vendor Relations Manager


Dena Silva
CME Manager

LizElizabeth Vang
CME Coordinator 


CSA Political Advocacy & Public Relations

bryce-docherty-5064852_220xx1106-1475-37-0Bryce W. A. Docherty
CSA Lobbyist



MacloedA_eleakis204771_0523Alison MacLeod
CSA Public Relations

YarbroughL_eleakis204771_0439Lisa Yarbrough
CSA Public Relations

CSA Legal Counsel

goldbergPhillip J. Goldberg, Esq.
Legal Counsel