CSA House of Delegates

In 2019, CSA implemented new geographic districts and mode-of-practice forums, providing CSA members two platforms for representation. Click here to learn more about CSA's new districts and mode-of-practice forums.

Click here to view a map of CSA's Geographic Districts and their corresponding Senate and Assembly Districts.


The director of each district shall:

Serve on, and report to, the Board of Directors of this Society as the representative of the district;

Serve as the official correspondent of the district with this Society;

Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates during the term of office:
In the event of an inability to attend any one of these meetings it shall be the director's responsibility to select a proxy from among the elected district delegates or alternate delegates, duly authorized to cast a ballot on all official business at such meeting. Should the director have three absences during his/her term of office and fail to send a delegate in his/her place, that position on the Board will be declared vacant and will be filled in accordance with Section 5.05 of these bylaws. The Board may make exceptions for extenuating circumstances.

District and Forum Delegates

  • District 1

    Office Name
    Director Christian Bohringer, MBBS (2022)
    Delegate Robert Scott Kriss, MD (2023) 
    Delegate Kenneth Furukawa, MD, (2024) 
    Delegate Kelvin C. Mark, MD (2025)
    Delegate Christina Inglis-Arkell, MD (2023) 
    Delegate Anubhav Kapoor, MD (2024) 
    Delegate Catherine Whang, MD (2025) 
    Delegate  David Li, MD (2023) 
    Delegate  Andrea Olmos, MD (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate Julie Gardner, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate  Rostam Bakhtari, MD (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate  Rajvinder Dhamrait, MD, MB, FRCA (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate  Matthew Malkin, MD (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate  Catalin Cantemir, MD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate  Cristina Chandler, MD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate Daniel Schweissinger, MD (2024) 
    Alternate Delegate Justin Teng, MD (2024)

  • District 2

    Office Name
    Director Vanessa Henke, MD (2025)
    Delegate John Turnbull, MD (2024) 
    Delegate Ludwig Lin, MD (2025)
    Delegate Stephanie Lim, MD (2025) 
    Delegate Thoha Pham, MD (2023) 
    Delegate Helge Eilers, MD, (2024) 
    Delegate  Lindsey Huddleston, MD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate Odinakachukwu (Odi) Ehie, MD (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate Ahmed Shalabi, MD (2021) 
    Alternate Delegate Wei Zhou, MD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate Amber Borucki, MD (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate   David Lee, MD (2024)

  • District 3

    Office Name
    Director Sydney Thomson, MD, FASA (2025)
    Delegate Jennifer Basarab-Tung, MD (2023)
    Delegate Brendan Carvalho, MBBCh, FRCA, MD (2024)
    Delegate Alimorad Djalali, MD, PhD (2025)
    Delegate Harrison Chow, MD (2023) 
    Delegate Anna Maria, MD, PhD (2025)
    Delegate Genevieve D'souza, MD, FASA (2025)
    Delegate Ellen Wang, MD (2023)
    Delegate  Anil Panigrahi, MD, PhD (2024) 
    Delegate   Sheela Pai Cole, MD, FASE (2024) 
    Delegate   Christine Jette, MD (2024) 
    Alternate Delegate Kamran Husain, MD, MBA (2023)
    Alternate Delegate Muhammad Shaikh, MD, PhD (2024) 
    Alternate Delegate Carole Lin, MD (2025)
    Alternate Delegate  Jean-Louis Horn, MD (2025)
    Alternate Delegate   Melanie Henry, MD, MPH (2024) 
    Alternate Delegate   Solmaz Nabipour, MD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate   Pavandeep Bagga, MD, MBA (2024) 
    Alternate Delegate   Vivekanand Kulkarni, MD, PhD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate   Perin Kothari, DO (2024)
    Alternate Delegate  Edward Baer, MD (2024 


  • District 4

    Office Name
    Director Jeffrey Rusheen, MD (2024) 
    Delegate Puja Trivedi, DO (2024) 
    Alternate Delegate Thomas Schares, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate  Reza Borna, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate  Wayne Kleinman, MD (2024)

  • District 5

    Office Name
    Director Henry Gonzalez, MD (2023)
    Delegate Dimiter Arnaudov, MD (2023)
    Delegate Caleb Chu, MD (2024)
    Delegate Peter Roffey, MD (2023)
    Delegate Vibha Mahendra, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate  Telianne Chon, DO (2023)
    Alternate Delegate  John Chen, MD (2025)

  • District 6

    Office Name
    Director Rana Movahedi, MD (2024)
    Delegate Peter Jin, MD (2023)
    Delegate James Moore, MD (2024)
    Delegate Tara Humphrey, DO (2025)
    Delegate Robert Wong, MD (2023)
    Delegate John Patton, MD, MBA (2024)
    Delegate Calvin Johnson, MD (2025)
    Delegate Ali Salehi, MD (2023)
    Delegate Arash Motamed, MD, MBA (2025)
    Alternate Delegate Dan Muhtar, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate Koorosh Elihu, MD (2024)  
    Alternate Delegate Andrew Kadar, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate Fiyinfoluwa Ani, MD, MBA (2023)
    Alternate Delegate  Radikha Dinavahi, MD (2023) 
  • District 7

    Office Name
    Director Lynnus Peng, MD (2023)
    Delegate Steve Yun, MD (2023)
    Delegate Steven Maler, MD (2024)
    Delegate Mukesh Gupta, MD (2023)
    Delegate Paul J Padova, DO (2024)
    Delegate Dzuy Vu, MD (2025)
    Delegate  Kristine Paik, MD (2025)
    Delegate Sapna Satyanarayan-Victor, MD, MPH (2025)
    Alternate Delegate Anil Tiwari, MD (2025)
    Alternate Delegate Ahmed Assif, MD, FASA (2023)
    Alternate Delegate  Shalini Shah, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate  Christopher Lim, MD (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate  Kristine Paik, MD (2023) 

  • District 8

    Office Name
    Delegate Alyssa Brzenski, MD (2023)
    Delegate Chien-Hsiang Chow, MD (2021)
    Delegate Benjamin Beal, MD (2025)
    Delegate Junichi Naganuma, MD (2023)
    Delegate Nicholas Wasson, MD (2024)
    Delegate Minh Tran, MD (2025)
    Alternate Delegate Engy Said, MD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate Anna Bowling, MD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate  Ryan Field, MD (2024) 
    Alternate Delegate  Liora Yehushua, MD (2025) 
    Alternate Delegate  Carlos Pino, MD, FASA (2025) 
  • Academic Practice Forum

    Office Name
    Director  Manuel Pardo, Jr, MD, FASA (2023)
    Delegate Rita Agarwal, MD, FASA (2024)
    Delegate Sharon Ashley, MD, MPH, MBA, FASA (2025)
    Delegate Jeffrey Uppington, MBBS, FRCA (2023)
    Delegate Oana Maties, MD, MRCP, FRCA (2024)
    Delegate Govind Rajan, MBBS, FAACD, FASA (2025)
    Delegate Lee-lynn Chen, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate Siamak Rahman, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate Joseph Galura, DO (2023)
    Alternate Delegate Joyce Chang, MD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate Melvin La, MD (2024)

  • Small & Solo Practice Forum

    Office Name
    Director Jenni Bartlotti Telesz, MD (2024)
    Delegate Osahon Osifo, MD (2023)
    Delegate Michele Raney, MD (2024)
    Delegate   Forouzan Sabzevar, MD (2025) 
    Alternate Delegate Christopher Viale, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate Devin Borna, MD (2023) 
  • Medium Practice Forum

    Office Name
    Director Anita Gupta, DO, MPP, PharmD, FASA (2024)
    Delegate Jacob Cecil, MD (2023)
    Delegate Jan Hirsch, MD (2024)
    Delegate Michael Bigelow, MD (2025)
    Delegate Gerard Dang, MD, FASA (2024)
    Delegate Michael Wangler, MD, MBA (2023)
    Delegate Mark Carlisle, MD (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate Todd Primack, DO (2023)
    Alternate Delegate Sergio Estrada, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate  Sermsin Kunnavatana, MD (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate   Christopher Tirce, MD, FASA (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate   Joseph Borau, MD (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate  Catherine Roby, DO (2024) 
  • Large Practice Forum

    Office Name
    Director  Stephen Skahen, MD (2025)
    Delegate Tom Caruso, MD (2025)
    Delegate Jon T. Nguyen. MD (2024)
    Delegate Mark Singleton, MD, FASA (2024)
    Delegate Jason Cheng, DO (2025)
    Delegate C. Perry Chu, MD (2023)
    Delegate Becky Wong, MD (2024) 
    Delegate Alan Zneimer, MD (2025) 
    Alternate Delegate Brian Jones, MD (2023)
    Alternate Delegate  Anuj Aggarwal, MD (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate  Brita Mittal, MD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate  Alan Zneimer, MD (2023)  
    Alternate Delegate   Andrea Traynor, MD (2023) 
    Alternate Delegate   Romy Yun, MD (2024) 

  • Early Career Practice Forum

    Office Name
    Director Justin Calvert, MD (2025)
    Delegate Felipe Perez, MD (2023)
    Delegate Allison Moriarty, MD (2024)
    Delegate De-An Zhang, MD (2025)
    Delegate   Justin Pollock, MD (2024) 
    Delegate  Christopher Walsh, MD (2024) 
    Delegate   Mariam Sarwary, MD (2025) 
    Alternate Delegate Sarah Maclean, MBChB (2023)
    Alternate Delegate Sanjay Belani, MD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate Aaron  Przybysz, MD, PhD (2025)
    Alternate Delegate   Justin Libaw, MD (2024) 
    Alternate Delegate   Jay Rajan, MD (2024)
    Alternate Delegate  Jocelyn Kerpelman, MD (2025)  

  • In-Training Practice Forum

    Office Name
    Director:  Abbey Smith, MD 
    Alternate Delegate DeSean Thom, MD (Cedars) 
    Alternate Delegate Brandon Stark, MD (Harbor)
    Delegate Sydeny Yee, MD  (Harbor)
    Alternate Delegate  Jenny Kam, MD (Kaweah Delta)
    Delegate Lauren Lamb, MD (Kaweah Delta)
    Alternate Delegate  Geovany Siguenza, MD (Loma Linda)
    Delegate Elyse Guran, MD (Loma Linda)
    Alternate Delegate Tom Kiner, MD (Naval Medical)
    Delegate Glenn Snyders, MD (Naval Medical)
    Alternate Delegate Roxanne Favis, MD (Riverside)
    Delegate Christie Mun, MD (Riverside)
    Alternate Delegate Anna Frackman, MD (Stanford)
    Delegate Gabriel Reyes, MD (Stanford)
    Alternate Delegate Pat Beagen, MD (UC Davis)
    Delegate Reihaneh Forghany, MD (UC Davis)
    Alternate Delegate Louis Lu, MD (UC Irvine)
    Delegate Bobak Koohian, MD (UC Irvine) 
    Alternate Delegate Mariam Sarwary, MD (UCLA)
    Delegate Stephen Schumpert, MD (UCLA)
    Alternate Delegate Coti Phillips, MD (UC San Diego)
    Delegate Chris Wooley, MD (UC San Diego)
    Alternate Delegate JK Kim, MD (UCSF)
    Delegate Danielle Binler, MD (UCSF)
    Alternate Delegate Behrod Katebian, MD (Keck USC)
    Delegate  Jeremy Laney, MD  (Keck USC)