Committee on Leadership Development and Nominations

[Bylaws Section 11.034]

The Committee will be composed of seven members. The CSA Immediate Past President shall serve as Chair. The remaining six members will be appointed to staggered terms. Each year two new members will be appointed to terms of three years, one will be a member of the Board of Directors and the other will be a CSA member of five years who is not serving on the Board. A committee member may only serve two consecutive full or partial terms.

To identify and develop future CSA leaders through individualized, annual education and mentoring.

To meet at least three times per year in order to identify, interview and guide potential and current society leaders.

To produce a document listing potential candidates for elected leadership positions that looks forward at least five years.

To consider the maximum period of time that any incumbent should serve in an elected position as part of its mission to optimize the leadership of the Society.

To contact prospective nominees and obtain their consent to serve if elected.

To prepare a list of candidates for all offices becoming vacant at the close of the Annual Meeting, for delegate and alternate delegate positions to the ASA House of Delegates and for delegate and alternate delegate positions to the California Medical Association if the term of those positions will expire prior to the next Annual Meeting. This list will be submitted to the Board of Directors at its last meeting prior to the Annual Meeting for approval and then will be distributed to all members of the House of Delegates prior to the Annual Meeting.

Jeff Poage, MD 


Neal Cohen, MD, MPH, MS

Antonio Hernandez Conte, MD, MBA, FASA

Christina Menor, MD, FASA

Lee-lyn Chen, MD, FASA

Sydney Thomson, MD, FASA

Linda Hertzberg, MD, FASA