Committee on Membership

[Bylaws Section 11.032]

All district directors and the Assistant Secretary who shall chair the committee.

To conduct investigations of all applicants for active membership in this Society when the need requires and submit recommendations on such applicants to the Board of Directors;

To encourage qualified persons to apply for membership in this Society and to develop membership recruitment activities.

Philip Levin, MD

Robin Seaberg, MD - District 1
Henry Gonzalez, MD - District 2
Christopher Tirce, MD - District 3
John Brock-Utne, MD, PhD - District 4
Kamran Husain, MD, MBA  - District 5
Lee-lynn Chen, MD - District 6
Gerard Dang, MD - District 7
Jeffrey Uppington, MBBS - District 8
Zohair Hussain, MD - District 9
Jan Hirsch, MD - District 10
Antonio Conte, MD, MBA - District 11
Jennifer Engstrom, MD - District 12
Shalini Shah, MD - District 13
Jeffrey Rusheen, MD - District 14
Murad  Arif , MD - District 15
Rima Matevosian, MD - Secretary