Committee on Practice Management

[Bylaws 10.039]

A chair appointed by the President, a CSA staff liaison, and at least seven other members, two of whom shall be members of the CSA Board of Directors. The President shall attempt to achieve some geographic balance within the membership of this committee.

To develop and maintain Practice Management information for the CSA website, and to assist members who have issues and questions related to practice management. 

To work with the Educational Program Division to develop educational resources, program content, and other information concerning Practice Management as appropriate.

To communicate with CSA members regarding any developments at the state and national level that may affect practice management and policy. 

To develop and maintain effective contact with regulators on the state and federal level, and with other professional societies (including the ASA) in order to stay current with regulatory activity that affects the practice of anesthesiology in the state of California. 

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Puja Trivedi, MD

Vice Chair:

Jason Cheng, DO


Todd Primack

Justin Calvert

Zhe Chen

Jody Chou

Gerard Dang

Antonio Hernandez Conte

Sunny Jha

Sakura Kinjo

Junichi Naganuma

Jon Nguyen

Jennifer Noerenberg

Justin Pollock

Johnathan Pregler

Chunyuan(Chu) Qiu

Jay Rajan

Michele Raney

Mohammas Rasouli

Phillip Richardson

Anil Tiwari

Matthew Vanneman

Christopher Viale

Michael Wangler

Manuel Pardo

Justin Calvert

Abigail Smith

Stephen Skahen

Anita Gupta

Jenni Bartlotti Telesz 

Kathy Cazares

Christopher Tirce

If you have any questions, or would like to become a member of the Practice Management team, please CONTACT US