Committee on Legislative Affairs

[Bylaws 10.038]

A chair appointed by the President, a CSA staff liaison, and at least seven other members, two of whom shall be members of the CSA Board of Directors. The President shall attempt to achieve some geographic balance within the membership of this committee.

To develop and maintain effective contact with legislators at the state and district levels to work toward the defined advocacy goals of the Society.

To educate and update CSA members on events related to legislation that affect, or may affect in the future, the practice of anesthesiology within the state.

To maintain contact with advocacy efforts within ASA, and coordinate state and national advocacy work as appropriate.

To foster grassroots advocacy on the district level within this Society.

To advocate for CSA with other professional societies.

To work with the CPPC to communicate CSA’s advocacy positions to the public.

LPAD Division Chair: 
Antonio Hernandez Conte, MD, MBA, FASA

Sachin Jha, MD 

Felipe Perez, MD 


Yusuf Ahmad, MD

Dua Anderson, MD

Fiyinfoluwa Ani, MD

Sharon Ashley, MD

Eugenia Ayrian, MD

Jenni Bartlotti Telesz, MD

Christian Bohringer, MBBS

Justin Calvert, MD

Mark Carlisle, MD, FASA

Harrison Chow, MD

Lynn Cintron, MD

John Foster Cruikshank, MD

Gerard Dang, MD, FASA

Derek Djavaherian, MD

Edward Fohrman, MD

Henry Gonzalez, MD

Anita Gupta, DO, MPP, PharmD, FASA

Vanessa Henke, MD

Linda Hertzberg , MD, FASA

Harold Humphreys, MD

Angela Ji, MD

Behrod Katebian, MD

Wayne Kaufman, MD

Jeff Kwok, DO

Rondall Lane, MD

Michael Leong, MD

Philip Levin, MD

Art Levine, MD, MBA

Albert Lin, MD

Lydiesther Martinez, MD

Chris Massey, MD

James Moore, MD

Rana Movahedi, MD

Lawrence Ong, MD

John Patton, MD

Ronald Pearl, MD, PhD, FASA

Lynnus Peng, MD

Jacob Pletcher, MD

Garrett Poole, MD

Johnathan Pregler, MD

Todd Primack, DO, FASA

Michele Raney, MD

James Rauschnot, DO

Swayta Reddy, MD

Cody Reeves, MD

Jeffrey Rusheen, MD

Forrest Kip Sawyer, MD

Robin Seaberg, MD

Shalini Shah, MD

Karen Sibert, MD, FASA

Mark Singleton, MD

Marc Steurer, MD

R. Sullivan, MD

Peter Sybert, MD

Edward Tang, MD

Sydney Thomson, MD, FASA

Christopher Tirce, MD, FASA

Anu Wadhwa, MBBS, MSC, FASA

Ellen Wang, MD

Michael Wangler, MD

Paul Yost, MD, FASA

Mark Zakowski, MD, FASA