Committee on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The California Society of Anesthesiologists does hereby declare racism as a public health crisis and denounces racism, both individual racist actions and systemic racism.

The California Society of Anesthesiologists created an ad hoc task force to begin the development of a new Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

The CSA directs the committee on Bylaws to develop language to define the  composition of the new committee which shall consist of a chair appointed by the President, a CSA staff liaison, and a minimum of six additional members appointed by the President, one of whom shall be a member of the CSA Board of Directors;

The duties of the committee are to evaluate, educate, and address to the CSA President issues of racism and bias within the organization.

The duties of the committee are to identify, create, and pro-vide resources to the CSA membership on issues such as, but not limited to: racism, unconscious bias, micro-aggression, discrimination, stereotype threat, imposter syndrome, marginalization, and mistreatment; and

The duties of the Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are to provide resources to the CSA membership on issues such as, but not limited to: how to foster equitable work environments, and how to recruit, retain, promote, and hire diversity within our physician workforce.

Odinakachukwu Ehi, MD



Odinakachukwu Ehie, MD

Tiffany Cheng, MD

Linda Hertzberg, MD, FASA

Edward Mariano, MD, MAS, FASA

Christina Menor, MD, FASA

Felipe Perez, MD

Dua Anderson, MD

Fiyinfoluwa Ani, MD

Sharon Ashley, MD

Odmara Barreto Chang, MD

Henry Gonzalez, MD, FASA

Jean-Louis Horn, MD

Calvin Johnson, MD

Jennifer Lee, MD

Amy Lu, MD

Rodney McKeever, MD, FASA

Solmaz Nabipour, MD

Cesar Padilla, MD

Travis Reece-Nguyen, MD, MPH

Naileshni Singh, MD

Ellile Sultan, MD

Clarice Nguyen, MD

Sabah R'id, MD

Antonio Hernandez Conte, MD, MBA, FASA

Gabriel Sarah, MD