Task Force on Environmental Sustainability

The California Society of Anesthesiologists (CSA) hereby authorizes the creation of a task force on Environmental Sustainability to evaluate current sustainability efforts in the state; and shall make recommendations to its members to adopt evidence-based best practices for environmental protection and sustainability

The Task Force shall identify and advance legislative, educational, and other opportunities to promote “green anesthesia” and other methods by which ORs may reduce their environmental footprint.

Ellen Wang, MD
Victoria Fahrenbach, MD 


Ellen Wang, MD

Victoria Fahrenbach, MD

Seema Gandhi, MD

Lee-lynn Chen, MD, FASA

Rakhi Dayal, MD 

Jean-Louis Horn, MD

Eva Hughes, MD

Marc Iravani, MD

Linda Li, MD

Carole Lin, MD

Brita Mittal, MD

Debra Morrison, MD 

RJ Ramamurthi, MBBS

Nina Scholemerkemper, MD, FRCA

Mark Singleton, MD, FASA

Praveen Kalra, MD 

Angela Wight, MD