Linda B. Hertzberg, MD, CSA President 2009-10

President's Address to the 2009 House of Delegates

Mr. Speaker, Mr. President, Members of the Board of Directors, Members of the House of Delegates, Honored Guests, friends and family, thank you for the opportunity to address the House of Delegates today. It is a privilege for me to serve the California Society of Anesthesiologists for the coming year. I hope to share a few thoughts with you about the future of our Society over the next several minutes.

When I finished medical school, I left Stanford and California for New York City to start an internal medicine internship (and possibly residency) at New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center. When I arrived at New York Hospital, I experienced culture shock, despite having been raised in the New York area. What sticks in my mind to this day were the words I heard over and over that year: ​"the way we do it here.​" This applied to everything from how one dressed, to making rounds and the treatment of house staff, but most importantly, to the management of disease. Read entire address.

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