Issues & Advocacy

CSA LPAD Chair Jeffrey Poage, MD, and Immediate Past President Jim Moore, MD, with California legislative leaders during Physician Anesthesiologists' Week 2016.

Advocating on behalf of members and the specialty of anesthesiology is one of the Society's most important services. The CSA's advocacy efforts are led by the Legislative and Practice Affairs Division, the CSA Board of Directors, and ultimately the members.Issues_Advocacy_small

State Advocacy

Bryce Docherty of KP Public Affairs advocates on the CSA's behalf on state legislative and regulatory activities affecting patient safety and the practice of medicine by CSA members. They carry the CSA's message to legislative and state leaders, and track and report on state legislation affecting anesthesiologists, pain specialists and critical care practitioners.

Legal Counsel

The CSA provides legal advocacy to members through the CSA Legal Defense Fund. The Legal Defense Fund provides financial support for legal challenges that affect anesthesiologists and their patients. The CSA, sometimes in collaboration with the CMA and other stakeholders, advocates for its members when legislative or regulatory remedies are not available.

IMG_7105​Federal Advocacy through the ASA 

The ASA's Office of Governmental and Legal Affairs is located in Washington, D.C. ASA monitors and advocates with respect to federal legislative and regulatory activities affecting the practice of medicine by the Society's members. One primary focus is practice and financial issues in relation to the Medicare program.The ASA also assists state component societies fighting issues that could affect members at the national level. The American Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action Committee (ASAPAC), a separate segregated fund of the Society, is also administered in the ASA Washington Office.

One of the CSA's most powerful advocacy initiatives is the CSA Grassroots Network, where members and non-members can reach out to legislators and stay apprised of legislation and votes of interest to the practice of anesthesiology.

Members' Advocacy Efforts

Let the CSA know about your efforts! Members who meet or have contact with an elected official, staff person or other policy making individual (i.e., legislative staff or executive branch officials) in the Capitol, district offices or other venue should share information about their efforts with the CSA office. This could include contacts made at fundraisers or other social events, and any information that may be helpful to the CSA's advocacy initiatives and Grassroots Network.

Please submit information about your advocacy efforts to