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ASAPAC annual Day of Contributing Challenge is June 24!

  • Yost, Paul, MD, FASA
| Jun 21, 2021

Yost PhotoFriends and Colleagues, Leaders in the CSA,

June 24 is the ASAPAC annual Day of Contributing Challenge! California has won this event the last three years and, with your help, we hope to be at the top of the leader board once again.

We realize that we are living in a different, disruptive, and divisive time. The last 15 months have affected all of us in different ways, and that we are all hurting in some way. 

While there continues to be polarization across our nation, ASAPAC is focused on a unifying effort to support candidates who support the profession of anesthesiology. In the midst of political and social division, legislation is taking place that requires our professional unity. When speaking with my peers about our efforts, I like to tell them that ASAPAC is not red or blue, ASAPAC is working for you! 

This year, we would like to focus on efforts to maximize the number of contributors vs. the number of dollars we raise.  Although California has done much better in contributing to ASAPAC over the last couple of years, we still lag behind the national percentage of ASA members who contribute to ASAPAC.

We would like to set the following goals for participation in the DoC Challenge, June 24:

  • 25% of our CSA active members making a contribution
  • 100% of the CSA Board of Directors and the House of Delegates
  • Some degree of participation among ALL residency programs

We plan to establish recognition awards in the following categories: 

  • CSA committees with 100% participation
  • Residency program (s) with highest percentage participation
  • Geographic District and Practice Forums with highest percentage participation
  • Top three donors ($)

I realize that I have not been able to give the prizes from last year yet!! I am sorry, we will give the prizes from the last two years at our next in person meeting!! 

As you know, ASAPAC is our voice in Washington DC, and many are using the COVID crisis to advance agendas that are not in our best interests, like national balance billing legislation and independent practice for nurse anesthetist, nurse anesthetists calling themselves nurse anesthesiologists, and efforts to increase the number of patients eligible for Medicare. The volume of our collective voice to fight for our specialty is dependent on the size and strength of ASAPAC. 

On a positive note, the COVID crisis has placed anesthesiology and anesthesiologists in the spotlight in a very positive way. Our efforts to care for critically ill patients has been recognized by the press, public, and our elected officials!  This is a good time for us to ask for what we need.  

THANK YOU in advance for your contribution to ASAPAC on June 24 and, as always, for your professional leadership!

We can do this!!

PS: One small piece of advice….before the DoC Challenge on June 24, take a few minutes to sign on to the ASA website using your password. If you have a problem signing on, you can take care of it then, rather than scrambling on when you are trying to make that contribution

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