The Priority List

  • Pauker, Kenneth, MD
| Jun 22, 2011

The spectrum of issues arrayed before us as anesthesiologists practicing in California is broad and deep, both unique to our state, and also as local iterations of a national agenda. Certainly all members have heard of them before, but some folks have paid more attention than others. Below is my list of 29 important topics on the table for national, state or internal CSA action. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis. I strongly encourage every CSA member to comment and even propose additions to the list.

  1. The nurse anesthetist opt-out
  2. PPACA
  3. Performance measurement
  4. ACOs
  5. Advocacy
  6. Educational Mission - new and improved meetings and new CA meeting, workshops, web-based content, modules, newer modalities
  7. Single payer system in CA
  8. MICRA
  9. Federation of state medical boards and MOCA vs. MOSL
  10. AMRs and EMRs
  11. Bankrupt state treasury with public programs in the cross hairs
  12. Unsustainable increases in health insurance premiums
  13. Balance billing proscriptions
  14. SGR, 33% problem
  15. Potential for new collective bargaining entities, return to guilds
  16. AMA vs. coalition of national specialty societies, one big tent and/or reach across specialties, hospital-based, surgical, specialists, etc.
  17. Sedation protocols and training
  18. CMS IGs - single service, specified notes and timing
  19. Drug shortages
  20. Surveys by state and feds, drug labeling
  21. Changing areas of education and practice
  22. Diversion
  23. Workers Comp rates
  24. Poaching by other medical specialties
  25. Transparency and Truth in Advertising
  26. AAs
  27. Reorganization in CSA (Communications Manager, high level staff roles, website, communication to members)
  28. CSA Model Guidelines
  29. Insurance abuses, balance billing, underpayments and delays

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