CME with Perspective

  • Matevosian, Rima, MD
| Feb 11, 2013

The tradition of continuing medical education (CME) reflects both the dynamic nature of the practice of medicine as well as our profession’s enduring dedication to the philosophy of lifelong learning. For years, this commitment to maintaining, broadening and deepening our clinical acumen has served the profession by helping to ensure that physicians are abreast of new practice guidelines, standards of care, emerging technologies and changes to regulations affecting clinical care. The modern environment of care, with its myriad concerns competing for physician time, serves to heighten the importance of this tradition. The time constraints shared by most clinicians lends continuing medical education events an added significance for their ability to succinctly and efficiently impart important clinical concepts and practice guidelines vital to maintaining competence and evolving new skills. At the same time, such events provide a venue for participation in the profession, writ large, and the continuation of a tradition that has framed the practice of medicine for generations.

The most significant, if obvious benefit of continuing medical education events is the opportunity to learn from clinical experts and recognized thought-leaders within the profession, the evolution of a long-standing tradition of sharing knowledge with our peers. Just as academic medical training has leveraged emerging technologies and embraced innovation in education delivery, CME events have evolved to reflect how people learn. Today’s events are so much more than case discussions and clinical pearls, featuring break-out groups, expert panels, and incorporating novel delivery methods and hands-on activities alongside more traditional lectures. At the same time, the comparatively informal setting of CME events enables clinicians to interact with one another, ask questions and share ideas, and broaden their professional networks.

In addition to enabling clinicians to refine, maintain and hone their clinical skills, CME events afford physicians an important insight into emerging technologies, innovations and regulatory changes. The practice of medicine is dynamic, shaped by the emergence of new technology, and informed by new approaches to clinical care, changes in the regulatory landscape and innovative care delivery models. Continuing medical education enables clinicians to remain current with these and related changes to practice guidelines, compliance requirements and standards of care – and because such events are designed to optimize physician time, information imparted is inclined to be accurate, concise, well-researched and easily shared with colleagues.

A final and perhaps less tangible benefit of participation in continuing medical education events speaks to our profession’s long-standing tradition of self-regulation, peer review, and duty to the communities we serve. As physicians, we have chosen a profession that directly affects the public good and the welfare of the patients under our care – this choice implies the profound responsibility of ensuring that our professional skills and clinical competencies remain sharp, and that we afford our patients the best care possible through the application of our knowledge and understanding. The stipulation for completing continuing medical education as a pre-requisite for maintaining professional licensure attests to the unique nature of our profession, and the significance of ensuring that clinical skills remain current and relevant to modern practice.

The California Society of Anesthesiologists (CSA) embraces the principle of lifelong learning. As program co-chair for the upcoming CSA Spring Anesthesia Seminar, I encourage you to attend and participate in this world-class educational event. The seminar is scheduled for April 18 – 21, 2013 at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Hotel in Dana Point, CA.

Comprising a lecture series, panel discussions and interactive sessions with recognized experts within the specialty, the handcrafted Spring Anesthesia Seminar program of events is designed for busy clinicians, with an eye toward maximizing the return on your investment of time. We are privileged to have the opportunity to bring together so many respected contributors to our profession to share the benefit of their experience and expertise in an informal setting that encourages small-group discussions, questions and answers, and interaction amongst peers.

For your career, for your patients, and for your profession, continuing medical education is an established and august institution within the practice of medicine, founded upon our shared commitment to lifelong learning, and helping to ensure that the patients under our care continue to receive the full measure of our experience, capability, expertise, and understanding. Try it.

2013 CSA Spring Anesthesia Seminar
April 18-21, 2013
The St. Regis Resort Monarch Beach, Dana Point, California
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