A Moment With Zeev Kain, MD, MBA

  • Hertzberg, Linda, MD, FASA
| May 06, 2015

As one of the key lecturers at the CSA 2015 Annual Anesthesia Meeting, Zeev Kain, MD, MBA, Professor and Chair, Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care, University of California, Irvine, will be presenting a Special Topic Lecture on The Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH).

We spent a few minutes with Dr. Kain in a question and answer session to learn about his vision for medicine, anesthesiology and patient care.

Q:  As a physician anesthesiologist, what do you find to be the most challenging issues in your profession?

Dr. Kain:  Change is not easy, and we are in the middle of a healthcare tsunami. The challenge is to be able to mobilize the resources of our specialty and focus them into the future rather than being entrenched in the past.

Q:  Your upcoming session on “The Perioperative Surgical Home” (PSH) is creating a great deal of interest in the CSA audience.  Can you tell us why this issue is of such importance at this time?

Dr. Kain:  American healthcare is at cross roads with the new emphasis on value rather than volume and the increased consolidation of the industry. This is not unlike the consolidation that occurred in the airline industry in the 1970s. The impact of these changes on the specialty of Anesthesiology will be profound. As a society we need to find innovative solutions for these coming tsunami. The PSH is one such answer to the coming changes. The PSH is defined as a multidisciplinary initiative that aims to transform surgical care by improving quality of care, lowering costs and enhancing patient satisfaction. This will be achieved by improved coordination of care, creation of clinical pathways, reduced variability and enhanced communication between all stakeholders. 

Q:  What are some of the key points that your audience will take away from your presentations?

Dr. Kain:  The audience will have an appreciation for the ‘burning platform’ that is the trigger for promoting innovative clinical care models such as the PSH. We will also discuss the fundamentals of a PSH and the way to create such a model.

Q:  Your follow-up session, “How Do I Convince My Hospital to Start a Perioperative Surgical Home” seems to be a natural segue from the first session.  Is it important for attendees from the “Perioperative Surgical Home” to attend this follow up session? 

Dr. Kain:  Yes. The first session will describe in broad strokes the need for the PSH model and its fundamentals. The second session will be more granular and will focus on “how to convince” the hospital leadership. It’s important to realize that the burning platform for an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is not the same as for a hospital. We need to tailor the message to the specific stakeholder we are communicating with at the time. For the hospital leadership, the focus needs to be on how to reduce length of stay, re-admission rates, complication rates, and to improve patient satisfaction. Over 25% of hospitals in the US are currently in the red and focus on cost reduction is a major emphasis for all hospitals.

Q:  What caused your interest in the subject of perioperative care?

Dr. Kain: Previously, I was the Anesthesiologist-in-Chief of Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital. When I moved to UC Irvine Health to become the Chair of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care my focus shifted to perioperative care. My tenure as Associate Dean for Clinical Operations and acting-CMO gave me a unique perspective on the perioperative environment. Today, I look at this environment not only as an anesthesiologist but also from the hospital and system perspective. 

Learn more about Dr. Kain’s vision for the future of anesthesiology and patient care when you attend the CSA 2015 Annual Anesthesia Meeting, April 16-19, 2015, in San Francisco.  Dr. Kain will be presenting the following lectures:

  • The Perioperative Surgical Home - Friday, April 17
  • How Do I Convince My Hospital to Start a Perioperative Surgical Home?- Friday, April 17

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