A Look at ASA President Daniel Cole, MD as a Resident Educator

  • Nguyen-Buckley, Christine, MD
| Dec 07, 2015

nguyen-buckleyMost anesthesiologists know Daniel Cole, MD as the ASA President.  In that role, he ably represents physician anesthesiologists to the public, governmental bodies, and others in organized medicine. As a resident at UCLA I have been privileged to see and learn about another side of Dr. Cole.

coleIn addition to his duties as ASA President, Dr. Cole participates in many aspects of resident education as a professor of Clinical Anesthesiology at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Prior to joining UCLA’s faculty, Dr. Cole attended Loma Linda University Medical School and went on to complete his residency training at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Following his residency, he was awarded a research fellowship at UC San Diego in preparation for a career in neuroanesthesia research.

Since then, Dr. Cole has published upwards of 90 original manuscripts, held numerous administrative roles, and specializes in neuroanesthesia, pain management, and resident education.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Cole and recall specifically a case involving an unexpectedly difficult airway. Throughout the induction, Dr. Cole remained composed, even while others in the room were getting anxious. 

Dr. Cole’s exceptional skills in crisis management, as well as his ability to put his colleagues at ease and help them stay focused, has also been noted by several other residents who have worked alongside him. CA-1 resident Joseph Seif, MD remembers a case of laryngospasm when Dr. Cole helped relax the patient with gentle, positive pressure ventilation. CA-3 resident Soban Umar, MD recalls Dr. Cole’s calm disposition during an especially challenging thoracic case.

Possessing a passion for helping future leaders in anesthesiology, Dr. Cole teaches UCLA residents advanced airway techniques such as fiberoptic intubation. Residency Program Director Judi Turner, MD, PhD, notes that at UCLA, “we are fortunate to have several faculty who are Oral Board Examiners for ABA, including Dr. Cole, who gives monthly interactive review sessions for our senior residents.” These monthly oral board sessions to CA-3 residents are continually well received. The oral board reviews consist of long and short question stems, which are given to residents in a roundtable fashion.

kapurDr. Cole was originally nominated to be an oral examiner by former UCLA Anesthesiology Department Chair Patricia Kapur, MD. Having worked with Dr. Kapur on the CSA Educational Programs Division and the ASA Annual Meeting, Dr. Cole says he has “been amazed at what she has accomplished and [I] consider her a friend and mentor.” 

Stating that he enjoys serving as a role model and mentor to residents, Dr. Cole says that “there is no greater satisfaction than passing on knowledge” to others. On behalf of my fellow UCLA residents, we look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Cole at UCLA in and out of the OR, and congratulate him on his ascension to the ASA Presidency.

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