Our Outstanding California Candidates for ASA Office

  • Zakowski, Mark, MD
| Oct 17, 2016

The CSA is delighted to endorse Linda Hertzberg, MD, Linda Mason, MD, Michael Champeau, MD, and Stan Stead, MD, MBA, as our candidates for elected office at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.  

Both Dr. Hertzberg and Dr. Stead are running in contested elections. Dr. Hertzberg is a candidate for Assistant Secretary. While Dr. Stead is unopposed in his bid for re-election as ASA Vice President for Professional Affairs, he will face an opponent in a special Western Caucus election this Saturday, October 22, for Caucus nomination to the office of ASA First Vice President in 2019.

Please help us by speaking with your friends and colleagues in every state who are ASA delegates and alternate delegates, and asking them to cast their votes for Dr. Hertzberg and Dr. Stead, who are outstandingly qualified to be ASA officers.

Dr. Champeau is unopposed in his bid for re-election as ASA Assistant Treasurer.

Dr. Mason is unopposed as a candidate for ASA First Vice President. The ASA First VP ascends the following year to president-elect and then president.

CSA will host a reception in honor of our candidates on Saturday, October 22, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, in the Prairie Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place. Please join us if you are in Chicago!

Background about our candidates

Linda_HertzbergDr. Hertzberg was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but raised in New Jersey, where she acquired the efficient, no-nonsense attitude and accent of the east coast native, and developed outstanding writing and analytical skills during her Yale University undergraduate education. She moved to California for medical school, completing her MD degree and a critical care fellowship at Stanford University. While in full-time private practice in Fresno, she earned the ASA’s Certificate in Business Administration, and served as chair of the anesthesia department and President of the Medical Staff at St Agnes Medical Center.

Dr. Hertzberg understands how anesthesiology is practiced in the private and academic settings, in the underserved Central Valley and in big cities. She gives hands-on anesthesia to pediatric and adult patients on a daily basis, and recently has helped CSA provide advice to the Dental Board of California on how to improve the safety of pediatric dental anesthesia without compromising access to care.

Dr. Hertzberg has executive experience as a past CSA President, and is currently ASA Director for California. Within the ASA, Linda chairs the Ad Hoc Committee on Women in Anesthesia, and has been an advocate for mentoring and leadership resources. She has long experience with the Committee on Practice Management, where she has organized topics and speakers for the Practice Management meeting, and co-chaired the Pre-Conference on Value and Quality. She also serves on the Committee on Quality Management and Departmental Administration (QMDA), where she has made substantial contributions to essential handbook and website updates, and on the Committees on Communication and Membership.

Stanley_SteadDr. Stead, the ASA's Vice President for Professional Affairs, is our in-house authority on all things relating to regulatory and advocacy matters. Dr. Stead developed and continues to work on the ASA Crosswalk®, the resource correlating anesthesiology and surgical CPT® codes. He donated the Crosswalk to the ASA years ago, and it has directly generated millions of dollars in revenue for our Society. When he served as Chair of the ASA’s Committee on Economics, he was extensively involved with reviews of Medicare payment rate calculations and correcting errors in proposed payment rates. This work has brought direct financial benefit to anesthesiologists everywhere.

Dr. Stead’s more recent work – helping to develop future models for anesthesia practice, and extending the reach of anesthesiologists beyond the operating room – testifies to his ability to lead our specialty as we look to an uncertain future of evolving practice modes, merging practices, and new payment models. Dr. Stead has served the Society in this invaluable role as VP for Professional Affairs for the past three years, and his leadership will never be more important than it is now as we face the challenges of MACRA and a new administration in Washington.

Michael_ChampeauDr. Champeau is completing his first year as Assistant Treasurer, where he has spent countless hours learning the details of ASA’s finances and investment policy strategy. He understands the economic imperative of maintaining and increasing our long-term financial reserves, and the delicate balance of maximizing return with an acceptable level of risk.

Linda_MasonDr. Mason has no opposition in ascending to the post of First Vice President, an honor she richly deserves. In her role as Secretary, Dr. Mason has overseen the growth of our society and the move of many state component societies to unified billing with the ASA. She has worked ceaselessly to increase member engagement, always looking for ways to attract new members while retaining the loyalty of current members. We look forward to Dr. Mason’s becoming the third woman to head the ASA, following in the legendary footsteps of Dr. Betty Stephenson and Dr. Jane Fitch.

We hope to see you in Chicago! Stay tuned for reports next week about ASA events.

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