Mark Your Calendar: ASAPAC’s DoC Challenge is August 10!

  • Yost, Paul, MD
| Aug 07, 2017


First, THANK YOU to everyone who responded to our personal request for donations to ASAPAC earlier this year.  Every donor and every donation is cherished and appreciated!  Because of your efforts, California nearly doubled our percentage of contributors to ASAPAC from 2.9 percent of our members to more than 5 percent, and we almost doubled our amount of contribution from $28,000 to more than $55,000. 

While this is great news, we are still in single digits compared to some states that are in the 20 percent to 40 percent range!  We really can do more. 

ASAPAC is the ASA's federal political action committee (PAC) and is a political force in Washington, D.C. It is the only national PAC dedicated to advancing the interests of anesthesiologists and promoting patient safety.

One easy way to get California on the map within the ASA and ASAPAC is throughasapacslide960x390 the ASAPAC Day of Contributing (DoC) challenge.  For 24 hours only, on THURSDAY, August 10, 2017, ASAPAC will hold a contest to see which states can raise the most money in 24 hours and which states can get the greatest number of their members to contribute.   

The state with the largest number of contributors and the state with the largest amount contributed will be deemed the winners of the ASAPAC "DoC" Challenge. Those states will receive special recognition in ASAPAC publications and presentations. 

Last year, CSA came in third place during the DoC Challenge with total contributions equaling $15,232, behind Tennessee ($28,900), and Alabama ($33,616).

This year, CSA has set a goal of raising $40,000 through at least 100 individual member contributions, and 100 percent participation from CSA’s board of directors, committee members, and California’s 11 residency programs.

Contributions to ASAPAC allow CSA members and other state societies to participate in the federal legislative and political process, in addition to the work we do at the state level.

The better ASAPAC does, the more we will be heard and the broader our audience becomes. But in order for us to succeed, ASAPAC needs the resources to amplify our message.

It is critical that we remain politically active and demonstrate to our fellow anesthesiologists around the country that the CSA and its members are serious about engaging and leading on the issues that are critically important to us and to our patients.

The CSA will send you a link this Thursday, August 10, where you can contribute to ASAPAC’s DoC Challenge and show your support for our shared specialty.

Thank you in advance for your support and engagement. Let’s work together to make California #1!


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