CSA Wants You!

  • Butler, David, CSA Executive Director
| Feb 21, 2018

Member Survey, Delegate Nominations now open

dbutlerDuring World War II, when the United States and its allies were engaged in a multi-front battle against the Axis Powers, U.S. leaders knew that the war would not be won on the battlefields alone, but by engaging individual Americans in a variety of ways to also win the war at home. The enduring image of this citizen engagement strategy was the venerable “Uncle Sam” who pointed out to individual Americans in posters exclaiming, “I Want You!”

For membership organizations like CSA, the importance of “member engagement” is aSam Wald uncle sam with caption similar priority, and strategies to cultivate member engagement is an increasing best practice. Similar to the USA in World War II, the CSA and its members are fighting battles on multiple fronts – from scope of practice and reimbursement issues in the legislature to rapidly changing practice environments in hospitals and various practice settings. In order to compete and win, CSA must focus its resources on the critical targets and marshal its forces on the battlefront and at home.

In 2016 at their strategic planning retreat, CSA leadership identified an essential priority necessary to equip CSA with the resources it needs to effectively engage in advocacy at the state level – to dramatically increase contributions to GASPAC, CSA’s political action committee, doubling candidate campaign contributions, and building toward a $1 million war chest. Last spring, the CSA Board of Directors and the House of Delegates approved a member dues increase of $99 combined with a $125 individual member contribution to GASPAC.  As a result, contributions to GASPAC topped $35,000 for November 2017 – a record for monthly contributions – which puts GASPAC on track to raise over $300,000 in 2018 from individual member contributions alone. 

Now that CSA will have ample resources on the advocacy front, CSA leaders have begun identifying priority objectives to benefit individual members and their practices.

In September, the CSA board of directors authorized a contract with a marketing research firm to survey members and key stakeholder groups to identify more specifically what individual CSA members want and how best to deliver these priorities and information. 

An invitation for you and your colleagues to participate in an electronic survey was distributed to you via email yesterday, February 20, and will be open until Wednesday,  February 28. We urge you to invest 10 minutes of your time to participate in this survey and let CSA leaders know what you want from your society – how CSA can better help you serve your patients, advance your practice, and manage your career and lifestyle. Also, please consider inviting your colleagues who are not currently members of CSA to participate in the survey….their perspective is also important to us. Survey results and recommendations will be presented to the CSA Board of Directors at its March meeting and to the House of Delegates in June. 

The recommendations will be integrated into a broader organizational framework informed by a set of guiding principles the Board of Directors developed in January of this year, under the leadership of current CSA President Karen Sibert, MD, FASA and President-Elect Sam Wald, MD, MBA. It’s no surprise that the top priority is to “create value for our members.” CSA’s Guiding Principles contain four major elements:

  • Create value for our members
  • Perpetuate CSA as a self-sustaining professional organization
  • Promote the reputation, unique identity and brand of CSA
  • Provide strong advocacy for CSA and the practice of anesthesiology

Each of these guiding principles has a number of priorities identified within it. These specific priorities will be further developed by the board of directors, presented to the House of Delegates for approval, and shared more broadly with membership in the months to come.

CSA invites you to further engage in the future success of your society by participating in the nominations process for elections for delegates to the CSA House of Delegates and select elections for District Directors. Last Wednesday, you should have received an invitation to submit nominations for open delegate and director positions. We encourage you to please consider nominating yourself or nominating one of your colleagues to represent you within CSA’s governing body – the House of Delegates. Nominations are open until February 28, and nominations forms can be found on the CSA website under the Governance tab.

So, to summarize, now that we have the ammunition for the fight, CSA WANTS YOU!!

Help us identify our priorities and participate in the decision-making process to ensure that CSA better serves you to the benefit of your patients, your practice, and your future.

CSA Wants You!

Delegate/Director Nominations – engage in governance and decision-making

Please make sure to check your email inbox for your unique survey participation link, and complete the survey no later than Wednesday, February 28. If you do not see your link, please email Matt Peralta at mperalta@csahq.org to have one resent to you.


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