CSA Highlights Physician Anesthesiologists Week with Legislative Resolution and Celebration

  • Poage, Jeffrey, MD
| Jan 31, 2019

Jeffrey_PoageOn January 31, the California State Senate recognized Physician Anesthesiologists Week by passing SCR 4, a resolution authored by Senator Steve Glazer (D-Orinda). The resolution formally designates the week of January 27, 2019, to February 2, 2019, inclusive, as Physician Anesthesiologists Week, and states:

“There is up to a 20-percent reduction in adverse events when physician anesthesiologists lead the anesthesia care team; and

During surgeries or procedures, when seconds count, physician anesthesiologists have the highest degree of training to respond to emergencies and ensure the best patient outcomes . . . ”

Text of the full resolution can be read here.

Senator Glazer gave a floor speech and stated, “While there’s always the risk of complications that can arise in the future, patients should rest assured knowing their health and safety are in the good hands of physician anesthesiologists who have the training and expertise to help minimize those risks and respond to emergencies.”

Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) rose in support of the resolution and added, “We should recognize the specialty of anesthesia has been at the forefront of patient safety and quality improvement.”

Senator Jeff Stone (R-Riverside) also gave supportive remarks, telling his legislative colleagues: “I don’t know how many of you know this, but anesthesiologists go on to get further training and become pain control specialists, and in this state and era when we have the opioid problem, we need to be able to reach out to anesthesiologists that understand all the exigencies of pain and utilize these professionals to hopefully minimize the opioid problem in California.”

In attendance for the presentation and vote on the SCR 4 were several CSA phys week senaterepresentatives including Jeff Poage, MD, Chair of CSA’s Legislative and Practice Affairs Division, Jeff Uppington, MD, CSA District 8 Director, and three residents from the UC Davis Department of Anesthesiology:  Andrew Han, MD (CA-3), Gene Kurosawa, MD (CA-1), and Danielle LeFlores, MD (CA-2). The CSA team was welcomed into the Senate Chambers by Senator Glazer for introductions and photos.  

The resolution passed unanimously with a vote of 33-0.

Said Dr. Poage, “On behalf of the board of directors and members of CSA, I was pleased and proud to receive a framed copy of this resolution from Sen. Glazer, who, in addition to being chair of the important Senate Business and Professions Committee, is my own state senator.  Sen. Glazer was gracious enough to host me, Dr. Uppington and our UC Davis residents on the floor of the Senate, presenting us with the resolution and offering valuable words of encouragement.”

For additional information relating to Physician Anesthesiologist Week, visit CSA and ASA



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