CSA and Coronavirus

  • Doyle, Christine, MD, FASA
| Mar 13, 2020

Christine-Doyle-MD-FASAWe’ve all been inundated with information about the Coronavirus pandemic for weeks. The number of news articles, journal articles, websites and blog posts with information (and mis-information) are overwhelming.

CSA made the decision to cancel the Annual Meeting, for the first time since we started holding it in the 1950s. In the end, it was an easy decision to make. The potential risk of exposing critical frontline healthcare providers to the virus and taking us out of commission for a quarantine was too significant.  Physicians, nurses, and other staff are not immune to this virus, as has been seen in China and Italy.

With all of this going on, we realized that providing our members with a central location for useful links (national, regional, and local), peer-reviewed and news articles, and other resources, would be prudent.  

We have added a new page to the website, which includes various curated articles and websites.  There are links to the California Department of Public Health as well as to many of the local public health websites that can provide specific information for your area. If you find something of interest, please send us a message and we can add it.  We expect that this will be an evolving site, as we get more information.  Unfortunately, we don’t expect that this will be “over” anytime soon.



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