CSA Board of Directors Update – Responses to COVID-19, etc.

  • Doyle, Christine, MD, FASA
| Apr 13, 2020

Christine-Doyle-MD-FASALike for all of you, the last several weeks have been filled with activity, uncertainty, and rapid change.

In my role as CSA President, I have had the privilege of representing our organization and our members in a host of virtual meetings and conference calls with our colleagues at the ASA, the CMA, the California Ambulatory Surgery Association (CASA), and other health care-based organizations.  I have also been called upon to confer with the Governor’s Office, the CA Office of Emergency Services, and members of the press, including from the Wall Street Journal.

In each of these interactions, I have taken pride and comfort in knowing that I am representing my fellow CSA members who are utilizing their unique talents, training and expertise to serve their patients and communities at this critical time against this awful disease.

At the same time, your officers and board of directors have been making important decisions concerning operations at CSA, all of which were discussed at our committee and board of directors’ meetings held last weekend via web conference.

COVID-19 Web Resource Page

As you may have seen, we started posting resources about the pandemic three weeks ago.  It was quickly apparent that our ad hoc beginnings needed a formal structure and team to manage it.  This was expeditiously done, and last week CSA launched our COVID-19 Resource Page on our website.  Updated consistently, the information is intended to provide CSA members with important and relevant information concerning practice resources, clinical advice, personal/professional wellness, and public health and scientific resources.  The COVID-19 Resource page is a product of a talented and dedicated group of CSA volunteers who have invested countless hours of the last several days developing this valuable resource.  Our sincere thanks to Task Force Vice Chairs Christina Menor, MD and Eugenia Ayrian, MD; Communications Chair, Rita Agarwal, MD, FAAP; EPD Chair, Ron Pearl, MD, PhD; LPAD Chair Antonio Hernandez Conte, MD, MBA; Practice Management Committee Chair, Christopher Tirce, MD; and our staff at Advocacy and Management Group and KP Public Affairs. 

In addition to sharing essential resources we hope to collect and showcase stories of our fellow anesthesiologists who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle.  If you have a story idea relative to our Physicians for Vital Times section, please contact Alison MacLeod at amacleod@ka-pow.com.  To view CSA’s COVID-19 Resource Page, visit www.csahq.org.

2020 Annual Meeting Cancelled

As many of you know, CSA’s Annual Meeting, scheduled for April 2-5 in San Diego, was cancelled due to travel and meeting restrictions related to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Initially this choice was a difficult one at the time because of the hard work put in all those involved, and because of potential financial losses related to hotel contracts, in the end the decision was easy.  Given the role that CSA and physician anesthesiologists play in advancing patient safety and healthcare, cancelling the meeting in the face of a public health crisis was the right call to make.  Our thanks go to Program Chair, Richard Applegate, MD, and to EPD Chair Ron Pearl, MD, PhD, for their roles in developing what was going to be an outstanding program, and for their thoughtful shepherding of our shared decision to cancel the meeting.  

The great news is we have a nearly complete program ready to market and present for April 15-18, 2021 at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay in San Diego.

Dr. Pearl and the EPD Committee will continue to monitor the situation in Hawaii, in California, and the US to assess the viability of the Summer Hawaiian Seminar, currently scheduled for July 20-26 in Oahu.  Since travel to Hawaii is currently severely limited, we have stopped marketing the meeting.  Please watch for details in the coming weeks.

June House of Delegates Meeting moved to Virtual Setting

The CSA Board of Directors has moved to cancel our in-person House of Delegates meeting scheduled for June 6-7 in Oakland, and instead will host the meeting virtually – as we have done for our November HOD meeting each of the last two years.  What will be especially interesting about this year’s meeting will be our ability to facilitate speeches, and elections of candidates in contested elections, while using the virtual platform. 

Savings Realized from Cancelled Internal & External Meetings

The good news is that as a result of hosting CSA meetings virtually (Board of Directors, Committee and House of Delegates meetings) and the cancellation of two meetings that CSA leadership would ordinarily attend (CMA Legislative Conference in Sacramento and the ASA Legislative Conference in Washington, DC) we have realized savings that nearly offset the combination of hard costs and budgeted net revenue from the cancellation of the Annual Meeting.  CSA leadership, led by Treasurer John Hsieh, MD, FASA, and Phillip Richardson, MD, FASA, will continue to look for additional savings during the balance of the year and will begin planning for a modest 2021 annual budget, considering the current economic environment.

COVID-19 and Communications with Peers

During the recent weeks, all of us have recognized the importance of communicating with our peers in real time to obtain critical information concerning our patience, practices and our personal wellbeing.  At CSA, we want to know how you want to communicate, with whom and, thus what is the best platform we can provide for our members.  If you haven’t yet done so, we invite you to please take a few moments to answer questions included in the survey below.  Your responses will help us develop and deliver a platform to assist you now and in the future.  Thanks to our Practice Management, Membership and Communications Committees for their efforts in developing the survey and for putting your responses into action.

Click here to take the survey. 

CSA Director/Delegate Elections – Vote through April 15!

We encourage you to cast your vote for the people who will represent you and your interests during the year and at the CSA House of Delegates meetings in June and November.  Elections for select director and delegate positions remain open through April 15.  Remember, due to a change in CSA’s governance structure, each CSA member is represented by a District Director and Delegates and by a Practice Forum Director and Delegates.  CSA Districts are determined by geography and are aligned with state legislative districts.  District Directors and Delegates are responsible for facilitating grassroots engagement with assigned state Assemblymembers and state Senators.  Practice Forum Directors and Delegates are primarily responsible for facilitating engagement among CSA members who choose to affiliate with one of six Practice Forums – Small/Solo, Medium, Large, Academic, Early Career and In-Training.  

All CSA members were sent personalized emails that allow you to vote. If you have not yet voted, check your email for a message from vote@simplyvoting.com with “CSA Election” in the subject. If you have not already selected a Mode of Practice Forum or been placed in a CSA District, you will be notified on your ballot and instructed on how to make the selections.  Finally, if you have any questions or technical problems please contact Megan MacNee, our Deputy Executive Director, at mmacnee@csahq.org

As you can see, your CSA leadership has been busy representing and serving you.  As your President through this coming June, I’d welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Please feel free to contact me at president@csahq.org.

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