Over 47% of you have NOT selected your CSA Mode of Practice Forum

  • Brock-Utne, John, MD
| May 07, 2020

John-Brock-Utne-MD-PHDIn July 2019, I asked if you had selected your CSA Mode of Practice Forum. At that time only 50 percent had chosen their practice forum. As of May 1 2020, only 53 percent of you have selected your forum.

What does this mean? It means two things: 

1. You are missing out on engagement in key anesthesia and health care polices as they relate to your forums/practice.

2. The forum misses out on representation ie. the number of delegates and alternate delegate a forum can have.

As you know, the new CSA structure provides each CSA member with TWO ways to be represented on the CSA Board of Directors and at the House of Delegates.

Each CSA member has both a Geographical District and a Mode of Practice Forum.   

The Geographic District is easy, as it’s based on your home address, so members are automatically placed in their home address district.

The Mode of Practice Forum requires you to make a selection based on your practice environment. There are no hard and fast rules, although most will agree that the In-Training Forum is easily defined as residents and fellows. Members from Kaiser may feel that the medium or even small practice forum fits their needs best because they have a small site. Members from Vituity may feel that they fit the large practice forum because it’s a large multi-site partnership.  If you work in more than one environment (i.e., Academic and Medium Group), pick the one that you feel best represents you. If your group has more than 40 anesthesiologists, than the Large Practice Forum may be the best for you.

If you pick a forum and it isn’t a good fit, don’t worry, you can change forums at any time. 

The primary object of the CSA Forums is to ensure that all members are able to engage and receive value as members.

Below are the instructions for updating or changing your selection of Practice Forums:

Step 1: Pull up the CSA website at www.csahq.org and click the “Log In” button at the upper right-hand side of your browser, or click here.  You will need your CSA Membership login information. 

Step 2: Log in with your credentials provided to you by CSA. Once logged in, click the “Profile” button in the upper right-hand side of your browser. This will bring you to the profile details page.  Scroll down to the bottom to the Quicklinks section, where you can choose the “see your full profile” section.

Step 3: Once you have chosen the “see your full profile” link, it will bring up your CSA Member Portal page.  You will not be able to see your district or forum at this point.  At the bottom of the my profile section select “edit my information.” This will bring you to a page titled “edit my personal information.”

Step 4: Scroll down to the section labeled “general information” which has several items you can edit. The first item you will see is a box titled “Mode of Practice Forum.” Here is where you can select (or change) your Mode of Practice Forum and select “save changes.”

If you have any questions, please contact CSA Membership Manager Evan Wise in the CSA office at (916) 290-5830 or at ewise@amgroup.us. 

Thank you for being part of the CSA. As Paul Yost always says: "Together we are stronger".


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