Happy Physician Anesthesiologists Week! #PhysAnesWk21

  • Agarwal, Rita, MD, FAAP, FASA
| Feb 02, 2021

This is the 7th Annual Physician Anesthesiologists Week, a week to celebrate all the amazing contributions that anesthesiologists have made to the practice of medicine. It is especially poignant this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Physician Anesthesiologist have been at the forefront of helping to tackle and fight this pandemic, both in the intensive care units, operating rooms, pain clinics, in-patient wards, and by creating innovative solutions to the critical shortages of PPE and to improving safety of medical practice. The CSA has created an amazing video highlighting some of these contributions and events. Our physicians have been on the frontlines helping build hospital infrastructure to cope with patients, have volunteered their time and energy in other parts of the country and have found new ways to care for their most vulnerable patients.

The CSA was an early leader in creating educational materials and resources for its members through the creation of a new COVID-19 website and through frequent CSA Online First articles. The leadership of the CSA and the Practice Management Committee created an in-depth and detailed website dedicated to multiple concerns brought on by the pandemic including, telehealth, wellness, questions around practices, PPE, and educational articles. 

Throughout the past year there were frequent informative articles published on the CSA Online First blog related to the pandemic, a few of which are highlighted here.

Telemedicine Implementation During COVID-19: Experience and Recommendations 

History and COVID-19, Part II: An Anesthesia Perspective

My perspective on the Unfolding of COVID-19

Risk of COVID-19 Due to Shortage of Personal Protective Equipment 

The Emergence of New Giants: Bridging the Gap

Effect of COVID-19 Throughout the Body: Pat 1

Effect of COVID-19 Throughout the Body: Part II

Finally, I want to draw your attention to the ASA’s celebration of Physician Anesthesiologists Week. This week provides an excellent opportunity to highlight how the specialty is Made for This Moment with key stakeholders, including policymakers, health care executives, the media, and the public. They hope we will join them in advocating for the specialty and our patients and include links to the following materials:

  • Use the Physician Anesthesiologists Week support materials, including a customizable web banner, social media sample posts and graphics, and a turnkey toolkit with everything you need to connect with key stakeholders to advocate for the specialty.
  • Spread the word online: Share photos of your virtual meetings with policymakers, the state proclamations and resolutions received, or other Physician Anesthesiologists Week activities on social media. Remember to tag them on Twitter at @ASALifeline and use the hashtag #PhysAnesWk21. You can also send photos to pr@asahq.org.


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