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Edited by Emily Methangkool, MD, MPH, with contributions from CSA’s Committee on Professional and Public Communications, Online First is a place where knowledge and opinion from any one of our 3200 plus physician-anesthesiologist members can be shared, discussed and deliberated to advance the specialty of anesthesiology, the practice of medicine and society in general.

"Better solutions to difficult problems are usually made when all sides are heard."

Steven Goldfien, MD


Ludwig Lin, MD

Black History Month Feature: Representation and Leadership on Multiple Levels within Academic Anesthesiology, with Dr. Ashley Oliver

Feb 27, 2023 / by
  • Lin, Ludwig, MD

Black physicians have persevered in the face of racial inequity and professional challenges in this country for nearly two centuries, and have achieved success in every subspecialty. Nevertheless, challenges remain - in particular in our field of anesthesiology - where black physicians remain underrepresented, notably in leadership positions. In honor of Black History Month, Dr. Ashley Oliver shares her journey through medicine as a black American cardiac anesthesiologist and her hopes for her and our profession’s futures. As she acknowledges, she is a black woman; yet, she is also Jewish, biracial, the daughter of two physicians, an escaped humanities major, a Film Studies PhD drop-out, and an avowed social justice warrior. Exactly because of all of those different layers, she exemplifies our argument: diversity is almost always deeper than what meets the eye.

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The Open Oximetry Project

Feb 21, 2023 / by
  • Moore, Kelvin
  • Ehie, Odi
  • Bickler, Philip
  • Auchus, Isabella
  • Lipnick, Michael
  • Elmankabadi, Seif

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CSA Global Health Committee: Member Spotlight – Dr. Fred Mihm

Feb 06, 2023 / by
  • Crawford, Ana, MD, MSc, FASA

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