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Unveiling the Chronicles of Anesthesia: CSA’s 2024 Annual History Essay Contest 

Step back in time and unearth the captivating narratives of anesthesia through the California Society of Anesthesiologists’ (CSA) Annual History Essay Contest. Embarking on a journey to commemorate the past, the Committee on the History of Anesthesia invites California residents, fellows, and medical students to delve into the annals of medical history and participate in the 2024 History of Anesthesia in California Essay Contest. This esteemed contest not only promises to enrich your knowledge but also offers the chance to be rewarded and recognized for your scholarly pursuits. 

Essay Evaluation with Meticulous Precision 

Entrants will have their essays meticulously evaluated by the CSA History Committee, with emphasis placed on a range of criteria including content, style, organization, accuracy, and formatting. The assessment process follows a blinded review, ensuring impartiality and fairness in evaluating the submissions. To further promote excellence, previously submitted non-winning essays are also eligible for resubmission, provided the original author remains a student or is still undergoing training. 

Embrace the Past, Reap the Rewards 

As participants dive into historical accounts, they shall be rewarded not only with newfound insights but also a piece of history itself. Every contestant will receive a historical book from the revered Guedel Collection, adding an authentic touch to their scholarly pursuits. In recognition of outstanding contributions, the CSA Foundation for Education will present a generous first-place prize of $1000, along with a second-place prize of $500. 

A Platform for Legacy and Learning 

The journey does not conclude with the prizes. First and second-place winners will have the unique opportunity to showcase their essays to a wider audience through CSA Online First and Vital Times. This platform transcends time, allowing these captivating stories to reach contemporary readers and enthusiasts. The zenith of recognition arrives as the first-place winner is bestowed the honor of presenting their winning essay at the esteemed 2024 CSA Annual Meeting. This comes bundled with complimentary conference registration and financial support of up to $500 to facilitate travel expenses. 

Topics: A Tapestry of Possibilities 

Immerse yourself in a diverse array of historical topics, handpicked to celebrate the tapestry of anesthesia’s evolution. The contest welcomes submissions on a myriad of themes related to the history of anesthesia. Whether it’s an interview with an esteemed luminary of anesthesia history, a remarkable achievement by an anesthesiologist, a pivotal historical event that reshaped anesthesia practice, or a narrative inspired by the treasure trove of the Arthur E. Guedel Anesthesia Collection – all avenues are open for exploration. 

Guidelines: Weaving Your Narrative 

Please craft your historical narrative is by the following instructions: 

Essays should not exceed 1,000 words (excluding references). 

Utilize Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, and maintain 1-inch margins. 

A fitting title is required. 

A minimum of three references is required, formatted in accordance with the AMA Manual of Style. 

Entering Your History Submission 

To join this enriching voyage into the past, direct your queries and submissions to  

Mark your calendars and set your creative wheels in motion, as the contest deadline is set at 12:00 p.m. (PST) on Saturday, January 13, 2024.  

It’s time to honor the roots of anesthesia and pen down stories that echo through time – for in these narratives, we find the pulse of the profession that has transformed lives through the ages. 

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