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The Opioid Crisis Left Behind During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

When an emergency like COVID-19 occurs, it causes all red alarms to go off for everyone involved. But what happens to those who were already in a crisis before the pandemic hit?

Opinion: Countering COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Pregnant African Americans

While the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the minimal risks, and data collected from pregnant women who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine so far has been overwhelmingly positive, vaccine hesitancy among expectant African Americans remains.

Pediatric patients need appropriate pain management after surgery [PODCAST]

Going forward there needs to be continued parent and patient education about expectations for recovery post-surgery and proper pain management.

$5 million given to CDU program that aims to increase Black and Latino medical student graduates

The donation will support the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, an historically black private medical school in Willowbrook that trains 28 medical students each year through a partnership with UCLA that was formed following the 1965 Watts riots.

Transforming Telehealth Access In The Post-Pandemic Era

Telehealth has emerged as a viable delivery model of care and in the process has helped to transform the digital patient journey and redefined what the "digital touch" looks like.