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Note to CSA Members and Partners Preparing to attend CSA’s Annual Meeting in San Diego April 2-5

Note to CSA Members and Partners Preparing to attend CSA’s Annual Meeting in San Diego April 2-5 in regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and considerations when traveling.

CSA-SPPM Letter to OEHHA Re: Acetaminophen Prop 65

This letter was submitted on behalf of the CA Society of Anesthesiologists and Society for Pediatric Pain Medicine expressing concern about the regulatory proposal to list acetaminophen as a cancer-causing drug that requires Prop 65 labeling – thanks to Dr. Shah and Dr. Agarwal for their leadership on this.

California should not list acetaminophen as a carcinogen. It is a safe, important pain reliever

Protecting consumer safety is an important part of government oversight, but a regulatory effort currently underway in California could actually pose more harm than good. There is debate over whether acetaminophen should be added to the Proposition 65 list, which serves as a warning to the public of cancer-causing chemicals.

Congress must address surprise medical billing in 2020 — and change its approach

Of the many problem areas that patients face as they navigate the health care system, the issue of unexpectedly high medical bills has been gaining more attention as more patients and their families are impacted. The practice of “surprise medical billing” by the health care industry can be as devastating to many American families as the injury or illness that affected them to begin with.

Opioids - Part One - Master of Mastoiditis | Peds RAP

Rita and Lisa discuss safe prescribing practices in the age of the opioid epidemic. Rita outlines when opioids are appropriate for pain management versus when to consider other medications or modalities. She discusses the PILLS pneumonic to counsel families on storage, safety, and disposal of these medications. And she discusses how to manage patients with difficult to treat pain syndromes.