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California Legislature Recognizes Importance of Physician Anesthesiologists

Annual Physician Anesthesiologist Week Marked by Legislative Resolution Honoring the Specialty as it Plays a Particularly Critical Role Saving Lives During the Pandemic

Risks of marijuana use during pregnancy: Expecting mothers need to know

Pregnant women need to understand that cannabis use during pregnancy impacts both mother and baby. Marijuana and derivatives including CBD and THC are transferred from mother to her fetus through the placenta and can also enter the breast milk.

Newsom Administration Supplements Vaccine Delivery System; Announces Creation of Statewide Vaccine Delivery Network to Simplify and Standardize Vaccination Process With Equity as a Core Focus

New system will partner with counties on health education, outreach to hard-to-reach communities. Third-party administrator will come on board to streamline, improve and expedite vaccine administration, with ability to scale. Californians can go to MyTurn.Ca.Gov to sign up for notification now, scheduling tool to launch February statewide.

COVID-19 Vaccination of LA County Physicians and other Healthcare Workers

LAC DPH is collaborating with county, city, community, and healthcare partners to vaccinate HCWs in LA County who are not affiliated with an acute care hospital, skilled nursing facility, or other long-term care facility. Information on how to access vaccination is available on the COVID-19 Vaccination for Healthcare Workers webpage.

Update on COVID-19 Vaccinations in California

Rollout continues across California of the COVID-19 vaccines, which are being distributed in accordance with the CDPH Allocation Guidelines for COVID-19 Vaccine During Phase 1A: Recommendations. Because the amount of vaccine available is expected to be insufficient for the number of people in prioritized populations during Phase 1-A, the guidelines recommend that local health departments sub-prioritize the doses allocated to them as needed to match the level of available supplies.