Nominations & Elections

CSA 2020 Nominations & Election

Welcome to CSA’s Nominations and Elections Center! 

With CSA's nomination period officially closed, we are pleased to announce the nominees of the open seats for CSA’s  geographic district and mode-of-practice forum representatives.

On behalf of CSA leadership, thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s nomination process. We are looking forward to our 2020-21 House of Delegates.

You will be receiving the election announcement before the end of the week.  

Candidates for Director Positions

Academic Practice Forum (1 Position Available)

Sharon A Ashley, MD, MPH, MBA

Early Career Practice Forum (1 Position Available)

Sunny Jha, MD

CSA District 5 (1 Position Available)

Henry J. Gonzalez, MD
Wayne  Kaufman, MD, JD

CSA District 7 (1 Position Available)

Lynnus Peng, MD
Shalini Shah, MD

CSA District 8 (1 Position Available)

Robin Seaberg, MD, FASA

Candidates for Delegate Positions

District 1 (4 Positions Available)

Christina Inglis-Arkell, MD
Robert Scott Kriss, MD
David Li, MD
Andrea Olmos, MD

District 2 (2 Positions Available)

Amber Borucki, MD
Odinakachukwu (Odi) Ehie, MD
Adrian Gelb, MB. ChB, DA, FRCPC
Vanessa Henke, MD
Thoha Pham, MD, FASA

District 3 (2 Positions Available)

Rita Agarwal, MD, FASA
Jennifer Basarab-Tung, MD
Harrison Chow, MD, MS
Alimorad Djalali, MD
Genevieve D'souza, MD
Jean-Louis Horn, MD
Kamran Husain, MD, MBA, FASA
Christine Jette, MD
Ellen Wang, MD

District 4 (1 Position Available)

Thomas Schares, MD
Michael Tang, MD
Puja Trivedi, DO

District 5 (3 Positions Available)

Dimiter Arnaudov, MD
Vibha Mahendra, MD
Peter Roffey, MD

District 6 (3 Positions Available)

Fiyinfoluwa Ani, MD, MBA
Peter Jin, MD
Andrew Kadar, MD, FASA
Dan Muhtar, MD
Ali Salehi, MD
Robert Wong, MD

District 7 (2 Positions Available)

Ahmed Assif, MD, FASA
Rakhi Dayal, MD
Mukesh Gupta, MD, FASA
Steve Yun, MD

District 8 (2 Positions Available)

Jessica Black, MD
Alyssa Brzenski, MD
Junichi Naganuma, MD, MPA, MBA, MPH
Anupama Wadhwa, MBBS, MSC, FASA

Early Career Practice Forum (1 Position Available)

Sarah Maclean, MBChB
Andrui Nazarian, MD
Felipe Perez, MD

Small & Solo Practice Forum (2 Positions Available)

Devin Borna, MD
O.C. Osifo, MD
Christopher A. Viale, MD

Medium Size Practice Forum (2 Positions Available)

Jacob Cecil, MD
Sergio Estrada, MD
Todd Primack, DO, FASA
Michael Wangler, MD, MBA

Large Practice Forum (1 Positions Available)

C. Perry Chu, MD
Brian Jones, MD

Academic Practice Forum (2 Positions Available)

Joyce Chang, MD
Lee-lynn Chen, MD, FASA
Joseph P. Galura, DO
Siamak Rahman, MD
Jeffrey Uppington, MBBS, FRCA


If you have any questions about the election process, geographic districts, or mode-of-practice forums, please contact CSA Deputy Executive Director Megan MacNee at or (916) 290-5830.