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The committee welcomes submissions from California residents, fellows, and medical students for the 2022 History of Anesthesia in California Essay Contest. Essays should be less than 1000 words and use no more than five references. They will be judged in a blinded manner by the CSA history committee on the following criteria: content, style, organization, accuracy, and formatting.   


All contest participants will receive an original historical book from the Guedel Collection. The CSA Foundation for Education will award $1,000 to the first-place winner and $500 to the second-place runner-up.  


Additionally, the winner and runner-up will have the opportunity to submit their essays for publication in CSA Online First and Vital Times. The first-place winner will also receive the honor of presenting during the 2022 CSA Annual Meeting, with complimentary conference registration and up to $500 for travel expenses if a physical meeting occurs.   


To enter please review the official application document which includes information on suggested topics, length and format, reference requirements, and additional information on how to submit your essay. FIND ALL THE DETAILS HERE.


You can find initial reference materials on the CSA website here.


Entries to the History of Anesthesia in California Essay Contest are due by 12:00 p.m. (PST) on Saturday, January 8, 2022. Please send entries to


Questions are welcome and may be directed to: Jane S. Moon, M.D.  ( 


Residents in a Room is the ASAs' podcast series for residents, by residents, featuring anesthesiologists-in-training from across the country, putting it all out there, discussing their hopes, fears, and expectations for residency and beyond.

CSA's fourth annual Resident Advocacy Workshop. FACEBOOK


Apply for CSA's fourth annual Resident Advocacy Workshop

CSA's Committee on Resident Representation is now accepting applications from residents who are interested in attending CSA's fourth annual Resident Advocacy Workshop.

CSA will sponsor two residents from each program to travel to Sacramento for a one-day introduction to CSA's legislative advocacy efforts in the State Capitol. This includes the costs of travel to Sacramento and meals during the event.

The day will include an advocacy discussion with CSA's legislative advocates; a practice affairs discussion with CSA academic and private practice leaders; a round table discussion about leadership paths within the CSA; meetings with legislators; and networking happy hour to end the day.

Ready to apply? Click here to let us know why you'd like to attend the workshop and how you think it'll benefit you and your career as a physician anesthesiologist.

Applications must be submitted no later than Wednesday, December 15. Those chosen to attend will be notified in mid-December.

As always, keep an eye on our For Residents page of the Practice Management section of the CSA website for upcoming opportunities and resources for residents.

If you have any questions, please contact CSA Deputy Executive Director Megan MacNee at





Employment Advice


How Do Anesthesia Groups Decide How Income Is Shared?

In another section of this website, we have discussed how an anesthesiologist work is broken into start-up units, time units and modifiers to create a unit total. This is then multiplied by a unit value to get a total to charge a payer.

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How Does Anesthesia Billing Work?

This seemingly simple question is very confusing to most people. We will endeavor to simplify the process to allow understanding without diving into the minutiae that can require experts to sort through.

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Non-Compete Clauses

Non-Compete, or Non- Competition, clauses are common in employment contracts. This article will raise 2 issues in its hypothetical: (1) the enforceability of non-compete clauses in California, and (2) that an employee obtain legal advice before signing any employment agreement.

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Can I Afford to Save for Retirement

This is a common question when doctors are completing their residencies with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. This document will try to provide insights to allow logical approaches to debt and investing.

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Practice Properties Comparison Checklist

Whether you are looking for your first job, or a change of location, it's always helpful to organize your thoughts before your start. This spreadsheet will help you to identify what you want, and what you don't want, so your questions about a prospective practice can be more focused and meaningful.

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Should I Incorporate? Pros and Cons of a Personal Medical Corporation

CSA Resident PM Subcommittee

Before we start, do not use this document as legal advice. I am sharing with you the knowledge I acquired when I was making a personal decision.

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Preparing Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Antonio Hernandez Conte, MD, MBA

The curriculum vitae (“life history”) serves as one of the most documents you will create related to your professional career.

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How Do I Choose the Type of Anesthesia Practice for Me?

CSA Resident PM Subcommittee

This question is as easy (or hard) as choosing a spouse….and just as important.

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How do I Find an Anesthesia Practice & Begin the Application Process

Antonio Hernandez Conte, MD, MBA

After you have decided what part of the United States you want to live in, and have also decided what type of practice you want to work in, you need to begin work on how to find job openings...

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Evaluating An Anesthesia Practice

CSA Resident PM Subcommittee

You've found the perfect practice, doing the cases you want to do, living where you want to live, what else do you need to know?

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Employment Status 101

CSA Resident PM Subcommittee

Anesthesiologists in California can be employed in multiple different ways. This document will attempt to simplify the different models into 3 categories.

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Applying for an Anesthesiologist Position – Making Initial Contact

Antonio Hernandez Conte, MD, MBA

After you have decided what specific groups and practices you want to work in, have completed your curriculum vitae, and have the accurate contact information, you are NOW READY to reach out...

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