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VA Nurses


North Carolina Nurse Not Liable in Medical Malpractice Case

A new case in North Carolina highlights the NURSE anesthetist liability for anesthesia care, and raises very interesting and important questions about the team care model, scope of practice, opt-out states, and the shape of the future on this topic.

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AB 72 Resource Center

Detailed information on the 2017 bill, with tips on the IDRP process, links to helpful resources from the Department of Managed Healthcare, and CSA advocacy updates.

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Independent Contractor Legislation/AB 5

Explanations of the new classification laws for employees versus independent contractors in California, discussions, and what it means for your practice.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic (Updated daily)

A comprehensive listing of practice resources, including financial, legal, and physician wellness information, designed to enhance members’ response capability to the coronavirus pandemic.

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