Role of a Physician Anesthesiologist

Physician Anesthesiologists Play a Critical Role, Before, During, and After Surgery

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Provide Safe and Effective Multi-Modal Pain Management

pain multi modelPhysician anesthesiologists and pain medicine specialists are on the front lines of fighting the opioid epidemic.

They are leading experts in utilizing non-opioid pain medicine options including interventional procedures and non-pharmacological approaches. 

They work with patients to implement tailored pain management plans to ensure optimal recovery. 

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Healthcare Costs 

Physician involvement can reduce costs by avoiding over-utilization of tests, over-prescribing medications, and  excess referrals to specialists. 

Save Lives and Improve Health Outcomes 

mortality rate 10-5-2021

Ensure Oversight and Lead The Care Team  

Some healthcare facilities use an Anesthesia Care Team made up of multiple providers under the leadership of a physician anesthesiologists: 

anesthesia care team 

Physician Anesthesiologists On the Front Lines of COVID-19

Anesthesiologists have been leaders in the heroic response by our nation's healthcare providers to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and save lives. To address immediate needs in hospitals and other healthcare settings, anesthesiologists’ role as specialized physicians expanded from perioperative and pain medicine to emergency response, critical care, and crisis management. 

The Critical Role of Physician Anesthesiologists During COVID-19 

  • Leading specialized COVID airway intubation teams.phys anes care team
  • Flexing into critical care settings.
  • Working with hospital administrators on creative approaches to expand capacity and prepare for surges.
  • Creating consensus-based guidance.
  • Facilitating the sharing of best practices for the treatment of this novel disease.
  • Contributing to information management and data tracking.
  • Facing personal risk in the pursuit of patient care

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