CSA Redistricting: What you need to know

In late 2017, the CSA Board of Directors commissioned a marketing research study to better understand the needs and wants of individual members and groups of members.  The study found that CSA members prioritized state level advocacy and desired information and resources to better manage their practice and effectively navigate their practice group setting.  The research also demonstrated a misalignment between CSA’s governance structure and the segments of CSA’s membership.

In an effort to address these findings, at its meeting in June 2018, the House of Delegates approved a change in the structure of representation, and a Task Force on Redistricting was formed to enact the proposed changes. The Task Force recommended a two-pronged approach to representation: mode-of-practice forums and revised geographic districts that correspond with California legislative districts.

Geographic Districts: Over the summer the Task Force met to determine the details of how this would be enacted.  Various options for new geographic districts based on California State Senate districts were proposed, culminating in the establishment of 8 new geographic districts, each containing 5 senate districts and 10 assembly districts. Each of these districts includes at least one major metropolitan center and at least one academic center. With the advent of newer and more easily used remote meeting technologies, the distances between members are becoming less of an issue. CSA intends to leverage these technologies to enhance member engagement and communication.

To find your State Senator and Assemblymember, please click here.

Click here to view a map of CSA's new Geographic Districts and their corresponding Senate and Assembly Districts.

Mode-of-practice forums: In establishing the guidelines for choosing a member’s practice forum, the Redistricting Task Force and the Board of Directors felt that the absolute number of members in a group was not the only distinguishing criteria. It became clear that the divisions also included how a practice is governed and managed.  Members will select a forum to join each year when they renew their membership, and there are no formal restrictions on which forum is selected.  Members will be asked to select their preferred practice forum once each year. 

The six forums and the suggested criteria defining them are listed below:


Suggested criteria


Currently in training. However, if a fellow wants to convert to active in order to join another forum, they may do so (they meet the criteria for active), and then can select another forum

Early Career

≤ 5 years in practice


University-affiliated practice

Small & Solo

1-20 people; typically wearing all of the hats of the practice (insurance & hospital/facility contracting / billing & finance / hiring/partnership decisions)


15-60 people; typically with some division of labor and central/professional management but local decision making


40+ people; Kaiser or other multi-specialty groups, professional management, centralized decision making

The Bylaws necessary to implement these new districts were recently approved at the November 2018 virtual House of Delegates meeting. Please check your inbox for regular updates as we begin redistricting implementation.

Questions? Contact us.

If you have any questions, please contact CSA Membership Manager Evan Wise in our office at (916) 290-5830 or at ewise@amgroup.us.