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The New Early Career Membership Program

levin_philip_90x125Graduating residents and fellows face a tremendous set of professional, personal, and financial challenges as they transition from training into their first years of practice.

While engagement in the ASA and the CSA provides countless benefits over an anesthesiologist’s career, many early career professionals are hard-pressed to find the time or the money to justify membership in their professional society.

The leaders at the ASA and the CSA have teamed up to provide a solution to these concerns of early career physicians.

Starting in November, ASA and CSA will offer a discounted Early Career Membership Plan for anesthesiologists in their first three years of practice with a specific set of benefits designed to meet the unique needs of early career physicians, including FREE registration to three of anesthesiology’s most popular educational and networking events.

The Early Career Membership Plan is offered for a one-time payment of $299 for ASA and $99 for CSA, a combined savings of $2638 over the three years!!

Below is a list of the specific benefits Early Career members will receive from ASA and CSA:

ASA Early Career Benefits

  • Up to three years of full ASA member benefits for one low price
  • ACE, Summaries of Emerging Evidence (SEE), and other popular courses
  • One registration for the ANESTHESIOLOGY® annual meeting
  • One registration for ASA® ADVANCE (Previously Practice Management)
  • Delivery of targeted clinical, career, personal finance, and wellness resources

CSA Early Career Benefits

  • Up to three years of full ASA member benefits for one low price
  • Webinar Series (Business of Anesthesia, Personal Finance, Career Development, etc.)
  • Discounted MOCA Prep (pending)
  • Access to CSA Professional Development Program resources
  • Mentorship Connections
  • One registration to the CSA Annual Meeting held in April in San Diego
  • Early Career Practice Forum Director and Delegates who provide representation and information

In 2018, CSA leaders recognized the importance of early career professionals and established and Early Career Practice Forum with an elected Director who serves on the CSA Board of Directors and a set of Delegates who provide early career members with representation at CSA’s two House of Delegates meetings.  CSA’s current Early Career Forum Director is Justin Calvert, MD, a recent graduate and current faculty member at Loma Linda University School of Medicine.  Dr. Calvert can be reached at

“This brand-new Early Career Membership meets our needs as young physicians by providing mentorship and networking opportunities critical for career advancement, education specifically designed for our stage of practice, and the chance to be an active member in our profession, while at the same time saving over $2600,” said Dr. Calvert.

Take advantage of this limited-time membership and explore all the benefits that ASA and CSA have for you. Our sincere hope and expectation is that you will quickly appreciate the importance of a career long relationship with ASA and CSA – your professional home.

The ASA/CSA Early Career Membership Plan will be launching in November, for the 2023 membership year starting January 1, 2023.

To view a flyer that describes the Early Career Membership Plan, please click here.

To learn more and join/renew, click here.

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