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Leadership & Volunteer Opportunities

The California Society of Anesthesiology thrives due to the commitment and involvement of its members. Whether it is the CSA President, our committee members, or our delegates, it is the work of our members that allows us to continue to serve anesthesiologists across the country.

Along with the chance to serve your specialty. Volunteering with the CSA provides leadership opportunities, networking with your peers, and the chance to impact the future of medicine.

The are many ways to get involved in the CSA that can meet your interest, learn more about the opportunities below and when they come available each year.

CSA House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is the primary legislative and governing body of this Society. It is made up of representatives from CSA’s Governance Districts and Mode-of-Practice Forum, as well as the society’s officers.

If you are looking for an opportunity to engage with CSA or taking a new step in advocating for your specialty and your peers, getting involved in CSA’s leadership as a director or delegate is a unique opportunity to do just that.

Becoming a CSA district or forum director or delegate will allow you to shape the future of the CSA, help ensure its success, and serve your society, fellow physician anesthesiologists, and patients.

The call for nominations for the House of Delegates take place each year from late January to mid February with an election to follow.

Learn more about the House of Delegates.

Learn More

CSA Committees & Task Forces

Do you have great ideas? Issues that motivate you? If so, serving on CSA committees or task forces could be the right opportunity for you.

Share your perspective, meet with physician anesthesiologists, and staff from around the state. Discuss topics that facing our specialty and the health care field – whether patient care, patient safety, education, advocacy, or practice-related.

Each Spring, the CSA opens applications to serve on committees and task force. New rosters for each committee are approved at the House of Delegates each year.

Learn more about CSA’s committee and task forces.

Learn More

Committee on Leadership Development and Nominations

CoLDaN’s mission is to identify and mentor future leaders of CSA. The primary task of the committee is to assist members in defining their areas of interest, goals for their participation in the CSA, and how best to facilitate their increased involvement in the work of the society.

Please let us know by replying to the enclosed survey if you are interested in meeting with CoLDaN this year.  The meetings will be primarily held virtually this year. Once you have indicated your desire to interview, we will get back in touch with you to identify the best date for you to meet with the committee.

During your meeting with CoLDaN, expect us to ask about your interest in any of the following leadership or committee opportunities and how we can help develop a glidepath towards your achieving that goal.

Meet with CoLDaN

CSA is our community, working together to improve California through legislative action, education, and mentorship.

Phillip J. Richardson, MD, MBA
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