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Leadership & Staff


Officers of the CSA

The officers of the Society are charged and entrusted to lead the organization and are made up of the President, President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, Past President, President-Emeritus, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Speaker of the House of Delegates, Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates, the Director and the Alternate Director from California of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

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CSA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall have the final authority in managing the business and financial affairs of this Society; and

In the interim between meetings of the House of Delegates, may act upon matters which would otherwise require special meetings of the House of Delegates.

The CSA Board of Directors is composed of the society’s officers, district directors, and forum directors.

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CSA House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is the primary legislative and governing body of this Society.

The House of Delegates is charged and entrusted with:

  • Transaction of all business of this Society not specifically otherwise provided.
  • The duty to make annual appropriations for the expenditures of this Society.
  • Power to transfer all or any part of monies accumulated to any fund.

The House of Delegates is the primary legislative and governing body of this Society.  It shall exercise final authority over all matters except where final authority is specifically delegated elsewhere in these bylaws.


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Committee & Task Forces

In order to further its mission, the CSA has divisions, committees, and task forces that research, review and make recommendations for actions and policy positions on issues of interest to anesthesiologists.

Each year, the incoming president appoints members to these divisions, committees, and task forces. Special committees are appointed by the president for specific purposes during the term of office. The incoming president may extend the term of the committee during the president’s term of office, provided, however, that such committees may not be given assignments conflicting with or duplicating the functions of any standing committee.

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CSA Bylaws

The Bylaws of the California Society of Anesthesiology serve as the governing document of the society.

Find the most recent Bylaws amended at the CSA House of Delegates in June 2022 below.

June 2022 Update


David Butler, Executive Director

Ext. 102

Megan MacNee, CAE, Deputy Executive Director

Ext. 138

Denise King, Accounting Manager

Ext. 117

Katelyn Peyser, Communications Manager

Ext. 115

Jacob Gray, Membership Manager

Ext. 137

Rachel Hickerson, CMM, CMP, Senior Meeting and CME Manager

Ext. 109

Julie Wallner, Vendor Relations Manager

Ext. 114

Bryce Docherty, CSA Lobbyist

Alison MacLeod, CSA Public Relations

Phillip J. Goldberg Esq., Legal Counsel

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