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Promoting patient safety, anesthesiologists, and the specialty.

Through education, research, advocacy, and more, the California Society of Anesthesiologists engages on key issues impacting our members and the practice of anesthesiology.

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Top Issues


Opioid Safety

CSA supports ensuring that patients who truly need opioids to treat their pain have appropriate access and information safe use, while we work to expand knowledge about non-opioid medications, techniques, and resources available for optimal pain control.


Physician Wellness

CSA provides resources for supporting physician wellness, as there are incredible stressors on the healthcare workforce that can lead to burnout, prolonged stress, trauma, and mental health challenges. Supporting physician health is essential for a quality healthcare system.


Reimbursement & Billing Protection

CSA advocates for fair, sustainable reimbursement models that adequately cover anesthesia services – this is essential for recruiting and retaining anesthesiologists in California and protecting patient access to care.


Truth in Advertising

Health care must be provided within the framework of a patient-centered, physician-led healthcare approach, where patients have full understanding of what each provider can and cannot do safely.


Patient Safety

CSA is an advocate for the highest levels of safety and quality care for all patients who require anesthesia or relief from pain.

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