Herding Cats: Four Steps to Overcoming Governance Disorder Syndrome (MGMA)

As medical groups deal with increasingly complex issues that come at a faster rate, professionals must adopt group governance survival skills.

Negotiating Billing Service Contracts (April 2008)

Anesthesiologists are often attentive to the terms and conditions of their contracts with third-party payers.

Why CEOs Want to Change Anesthesia Groups

Why anesthesiologists are viewed as replaceable, and how to become indispensable.

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AB 72 Threatens Private Practice Contract

Assembly Bill 72 (AB 72), passed in late 2016, has been successfully used against us. Nearing the end of 2017, a risk bearing organization with whom we have an exclusive contract at the majority of their facilities demanded a renegotiation of our contract rates.

AB 5 Exempts Physicians - But Proceed with Caution

Although AB 5 creates an exemption for physicians from the more restrictive “ABC” test for worker classification established…in the Dynamex case in April of 2018, this does not mean that a medical practice can engage physicians as independent contractors without potential negative consequences.

Evaluating An Anesthesia Practice

You've found the perfect practice, doing the cases you want to do, living where you want to live, what else do you need to know?

State Lawmaker Takes Aim At Health Care Titles

A Republican lawmaker wants to...change state law and allow health-care licensing boards to take disciplinary action against providers who are not physicians but use monikers that could imply they are, such as “anesthesiologist.”

Newsom signs bill rewriting California employment law, limiting use of independent contractors

California businesses will soon face new limits in their use of independent contractors under a closely watched proposal signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday

In California, a ‘Surprise’ Billing Law Is Protecting Patients and Angering Doctors

The state’s closely watched law is similar to an approach Congress is considering nationally.