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History of Anesthesia Articles

Guedel Collection 

  1. Merlin Larson, “History Day.” 2002
  2. Merlin Larson, “Waters, Guedel, and the Pre-anesthetic Evaluation.” 2002
  3. Selma Calmes, “The History of the Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Anesthesia Center.” 2003
  4. Selma Calmes, “What’s Happening in Anesthesia History?” 2003
  5. Patrick Sim, “Letter to the Editor.” 2003
  6. Selma Calmes, “What’s Happening at the Guedel? A Refocus!” 2006
  7. Merlin Larson, “50 Years Later.” 2006
  8. Stephen Jackson, “In Memoriam: Patrick Sim, M.L.S., Librarian at the Wood Library-Museum.” 2010
  9. Selma Calmes, “Interested in a Good New Book? A Visit to the Guedel Results in One!” 2012
  10. Merlin Larson, “Guedel’s Aphorisms.” 2018

Policy, Ethics, and Economics of Anesthesia 

  1. Stephen Jackson, “From ‘Letheon’ to Lethal Injection: An Anesthesia Odyssey.” 2006
  2. Kenneth Pauker, “A History of RBRVS as a Perspective on P4P – Part 1.” 2006
  3. Kenneth Pauker, “A History of RBRVS as a Perspective on P4P – Part 2.” 2006
  4. Kenneth Pauker, “A History of RBRVS as a Perspective on P4P – Part 3.” 2006
  5. Ben Shwachman, “DSA Acceptance Speech.” 2008

Prominent Anesthesia Leaders and CSA History

  1. Minutes of the First State Anesthesia Meeting. 1922.
  2. Selma Calmes, “The Women Physician Anaesthetists of San Francisco, 1897-1940. The legacy of Dr. Mary E. Botsford (1865-1939).” 1989
  3. Selma Calmes, “Obituary of William B. Neff, M.D., FFARCS: 1905-1997.” 1997
  4. Selma Calmes, “The Founding of the California Society of Anesthesiologists, 1948.” 1998.
  5. Selma Calmes, “Anesthesiology in California: The Leading Figures in the Early Years.” 1999
  6. Selma Calmes, “The First State-wide Anesthesia Meeting in California.” 1999.
  7. Selma Calmes, “Dr. John Dillon and the Founding of the UCLA Department of Anesthesiology.” 2000
  8. Selma Calmes, “John William ‘Bill’ Pender, M.D. (1912-2001).” 2001
  9. Peter McDermott, Lewis H. Wright Memorial Lecture. 2003.
  10. Gilbert Kinyon, The History of the CSA Bulletin. 2005
  11. Matthew Mazurek, “Dr. Chauncey Leake and the Development of Divinyl Oxide from Bench to Bedside.” 2007.
  12. Peter McDermott, Forrest E. Leffingwell Memorial Lecture, Part 1. 2007.
  13. Merlin Larson and Walter Way, “Stuart C. Cullen, M.D., and the First Academic Anesthesia Department in California.” 2008.
  14. Peter McDermott, “In Memoriam: A Tribute to Art McGowan, M.D.” 2010.

Science, Practice, and the Art of Anesthesia

  1. Selma Calmes, “Anesthesia in Early California.” 1996.
  2. Selma Calmes, “Obstetric Anesthesia in California.” 1997.
  3. Selma Calmes, “Anesthesiology in California: The Early Years.” 1999
  4. Selma Calmes, “How Nitrous Oxide Was Introduced into Clinical Practice: The Case of California.” 2000.
  5. Merlin Larson, “One Hundred Years Ago.” 2003.
  6. Selma Calmes, “Two Men and Their Dog: Ralph Waters, Arthur Guedel and the Dunked Dog ‘Airway.'” 2004.
  7. Merlin Larson, “Treasures of the Mingun Pagoda: The Adventures of CSA’s ‘Indiana Jones’” 2006.
  8. Merlin Larson, “Herbalists.” 2007.
  9. Merlin Larson, “Electrical Anesthesia.” 2008.
  10. Merlin Larson, “Grover Cleveland’s Request.” 2008.
  11. Merlin Larson, “Guedel’s Anesthetic Depth Chart, Jone J. Wu, and Noel A. Gillespie.” 2008.
  12. Merlin Larson, “Sympathetic-ologists.” 2009.
  13. Merlin Larson, “Paluel J. Flagg and the ‘Art’ of Anesthesia.” 2009.
  14. Merlin Larson, “Robot Anesthesia.” 2009.
  15. Merlin Larson, “‘Anesthesia.’” 2010.
  16. Merlin Larson, “Ethyl Chloride and Rapid Induction.” 2010.
  17. Merlin Larson, “Impact of Published Manuscripts.” 2010.
  18. Merlin Larson, “Music Illuminates Science.” 2010.
  19. Merlin Larson and Mert Senturk, “Induction Rooms.” 2012.

Curare Discovery

  1. Merlin Larson, “Richard C. Gill and the Introduction of Curare into Anesthesia Practice.” 2003.
  2. Merlin Larson and Matthew Cook, “And the Nobel Prize Goes to…” 2004.
  3. Merlin Larson, “‘White Water and Black Magic’—70 Years Later.” 2011.
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